The Terran Empire

My Enemy, My Ally

Because you can't tell the players without a scorecard. And the scorecard changes often.

MU Forrest

Captain Forrest:
Mostly a fair sort. Kills for business, not amusement. Has a long memory. Can be hard to deal with when pissed. Neutral.

Commander Archer:
Ambitious, paranoid, frequently angry, seething with schemes; on the other hand, he does reward his cronies well. Looks to be on the way up. Better to get on his good side. Reluctantly an Ally, but Dangerous.

MU Archer

MU T'Pol

Commander T'Pol:
Vulcan. Emotionless (except when she's in heat or stoned), completely loyal to Forrest, loathes Archer. Can completely screw with people's minds with her clothes on. Although the dalliances are fun, making a man sabotage his own engines is definitely the work of an Enemy.

Major Reed:
Sarcastic, sadistic, smirking, sly son of a Brit. Gets off on weaponry and pain -- anybody's. Enemy.

MU Reed

MU Phlox

Doctor Phlox:
Completely amoral, without loyalty to anyone -- or disloyalty to anyone. Patches up anyone who walks in and dissects anyone who can't walk out again. Neutral, but Dangerous.

Commander Sato:
Loyal to herself first, Forrest later. Won't hesitate to use anyone to get ahead. Completely ruthless and can't be trusted. Enemy. Although good in bed, and courteous enough not to make comments about the face.

MU Sato

MU Soval

Shrann Landers:
Actually gives useful advice, for an Andorian in drag. Ally.

Sgt. Mayweather:
Reed's boy, Archer's pet. Enemy by default. Hard to know for certain, though, because he never really says anything.

MU Mayweather

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