The Terran Empire


Wherein we recount the insulting, kicking, blasting, shooting, insulting, ill-treatment,
backstabbing, attempted assassination, torture, insulting, and general mistreatment
of Charles Tucker, chief engineer of the Imperial Warship I.S.S. Enterprise.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" -- Queen, "Snow White"

April 1, 2006: You've traveled into another dimension -- a dimension not only of goatees and plots and scenery-chewing, but of lovingly reconstructed TOS sets and breathtaking plot twists. You're moving into a land where everything looks familiar, but nothing's quite the same. Where today's Pythias is tomorrow's Brutus. You've just crossed over into...The Mirror Universe.

Recaps: Imagine how much fun it could have been if all four seasons of ENT's run had taken place in the Mirror Universe.

My Enemy, My Ally: At least for now.

Entertainment: All work and no play makes people crack up and go insane. Okay, insaner. They're already a few sheets to the wind.

Auctions: Everybody loves a bargain.

Like it? Hate it? Outrageous flattery cheerfully accepted. And don't forget to check out the splash screen.

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