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Personal Quiz: Cutler

In memory of Kellie Waymire.


Name as it appears on your birth certificate? Elizabeth Regina Cutler

Current name? Just gave it to ya.

Nicknames? Liz, ScrunchieFace (crazy old boyfriend)

Parents' names? Paul and Chris Cutler

Siblings? I have one sister, Victoria, who's two years older than me. (Dad is such an Anglophile he's practically Miniver Cheevy.)

Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? 25

Date that you regularly blow them out? April 12

Pets? I used to ride horses, but not after I joined Starfleet. No time. Vic had a few cats.

Height? 1.6m

Eye color? Hazel

Hair color? brown

Piercings? just in my ears

Tattoos? ouch! are you nuts?

How much do you love your job? Earth bugs are cool...alien bugs are awesome. Insects are practically the perfect lifeform. Simple but exquisite.

Birthplace? In the back of the car on the A354 just outside Sixpenny Handley...someone couldn't get to the midwife's in time.

Hometown? Beantown! (Because Chris's job kept them from living in England, to Dad's eternal dismay.)

Current residence? Deck C, Enterprise

College attended, degree? Purdue University, Bachelor's of Science (Entomology)

What kind of car do you drive? I've never owned one. I can drive pretty much anything.


Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons. Bacon bits look too much like specimens.

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Sprite or 7UP? I don't really like citrus soda.

Coffee or ice cream? Coffee, but not too strong.

Coffee, tea, or decaf? Decaf, please!

Milk chocolate or dark? milk with almonds

Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn? plain

Red or white wine? white, or a zinfandel

Gold or silver? Gold, but my favorite necklace is silver. It was a gift from the crazy boyfriend.

Two or four doors? whatever as long as they open

Bridges or tunnels? tunnels. There's always more interesting things under the dirt.

Beach, city, or country? country, definitely -- wide open horizons, sweeping vistas, puffy white clouds, tiny white sheep on green grass...

Summer or winter? Summer. Everyone should hibernate in the winter. It's only sensible.

Storms: Cool or scary? Annoying, mostly.

Roller coaster: Scary or exciting? I've never been on one. I was on a Ferris wheel when I was eight, but it was kind of boring.

James Dean or Clark Gable? Gable. Sigh.

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Marilyn. "Some Like it Hot" is just hilarious!

Beatles or Stones? Stones

Blanket or stuffed animal? stuffed animal

One pillow or two? who sleeps with more than one pillow?

Adidas, Nike, or Reebok? Just a minute -- I have to ask Hoshi what these mean.

Mac, PC, or Unix? Is this a trick question? Just because PCs are "buggy" doesn't mean I want to use one...


Salad dressing? lemon juice, lightly sprayed

Salad? garden

Pizza topping? I like white pizza best, with a little oregano and a lot of oil.

Foods? I love a good curry.

Sandwich filling? bacon butties...but it's been a long time.

Dessert? fresh fruit with a little whipped cream. Especially raspberries.

Type of ice cream? Raspberry sorbet

Restaurant? McCloskey's pub on Cricket Avenue

Fast food place? McDonald's. I'm old-fashioned.

Drink, non-alcoholic? white grape juice

Drink, alcoholic? strawberry daiquiri

Color of socks? white

Shampoo or conditioner? whatever keeps my hair clean

Toothpaste? Nathan's Organic

Place to be kissed? the tip of my nose

Holiday? Boxing Day. Only the way we celebrated it was a kind of post-Christmas white elephant exchange. Christmas Eve was for church. Christmas Day was very private, just for immediate family. But on Boxing Day, we packed up whatever we got that we didn't want and met at one person's house, and everyone had to leave with the same number of things they brought. If you got a new something you didn't like, you had to put your coat and boots and hat and gloves and all back on, leave the house with the right number of gifts, close the door, and then ring the bell to come back inside before you could exchange it! My uncle Howard used to do this three or four times in a row, just to get something he actually wanted! 8)

Color? pale pink

Car? Don't care

Day of the week? Sunday

Band/Artist? Yma Sumac

Book? I have this old battered copy of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" which I got when I was four. The pages are falling out and the binding is split twice and it's just the best book ever.

Magazine? Mercator Monthly

Movie? Anything by Hitchcock. The man was an absolute genius.

TV show? I'll watch anything.

TV character? Fiona on "Debonair"

Disney character? Cinderella

Warner Bros. character? The Road Runner. Meep meep!

Sesame Street character? Robin, Kermit's nephew. He's just so cute.

James Bond? Ewan McGregor

Quote? "The kiss of the sun for pardon/The song of the birds for mirth/One is nearer God's heart in a garden/Than anywhere else on earth."

Word or phrase? In high school I was terrible about getting ready for school in the morning. I would spend an hour in the bathroom making myself look right, and my father (the professor) would yell up the stairs for me to "hurry up and finish abluting." Now I use that word whenever I can, and it always makes me laugh. Hoshi thinks it's the funniest word she ever heard in any language, so it's not just me!

Flower? marigold

Sport to watch? American football. Go Niners! (Dad thinks it's horrifying.)

Zoo exhibit? The butterfly house, or any other insect exhibit.

Board game? Trivial Pursuit. I'm going to beat Porthos one of these days, I swear it. I want to know where he learned all the early 21st-century sports statistics. I mean, who remembers who won the bronze for skeet shooting in 2016?

Town to chill in? My favorite cousin lives in Braintree, Mass.

Perfume/Cologne? Old Spice -- but not on a starship

Website? don't really have one

Least favorite thing? snow. I am not a winter person at all.

Least favorite subject? cooking. I actually burned pasta once.


Been in love before? No

Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Do celebrity crushes count? I fainted in front of David March once.

Dumper or dumpee? both

What inspires you? The Great Plume of Agosoria. It's a protostar which bursts every 11 years. I got to see it from the Mess Hall windows with these monks who were visiting Enterprise. It was so overwhelming -- this enormous reaction, boiling and spewing and exploding and firing into the great void, color and light and heat and life, a whole star being born, struggling out of the raw matter, trying to coalesce -- I still get choked up thinking about it. I kept thinking this is what it must be like to have a baby, to see this new life coming into the world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? On a research station or a colony, helping to catalogue new life.

What do you look for in a partner? A "British" sense of humor. Someone who doesn't mind bugs or spiders. Someone who can pick me up off my feet.

What did you want to be when you grew up? This is so embarrassing -- after I saw "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," I wanted to be an elf dentist. I was soooo disappointed when I found out about Santa.

What characteristics do you despise? Squeamishness! Lack of humor. People who talk about themselves endlessly and aren't interested actual conversation.

If you had a big win in the lottery, how long would you wait to contact people? Boxing Day. Nobody would leave my house unhappy.

Where would you retire to? Vermont or Maine

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No!

Do you get along with your parents? Yes. I love them dearly. They're wonderful and supportive and I miss them very much.

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? In the bathtub with my sister when I was three!

Do you make fun of people? Only after too many daiquiris. But I do great impressions.

Last person you went to dinner with? Doctor Phlox. He's just fascinating.

What did you do for your last birthday? Hoshi and Pedro had bubble-and-squeak with me. Well, Chef tried, but it was more like burp-and-whistle.

Do you carry a donor card? yes


Had the drink Calypso Breeze? Hoshi made one for me once, but I didn't like it very much.

Been to Europe? yes

Been to Africa? no

Been toilet-papering? Who told you about that? Nobody was supposed to know!

Been toilet-papered? no -- well, I might be now, if it gets out

Been in a car crash? no

Lucky Number? "the last one"

Any superstitions? All the cabinets and closets and drawers have to closed when I leave the room. Leaving things open invites trouble, or rummaging, or infestation.

When was your last hospital visit? I don't remember.

First thing you think of when you wake up? Who's snoring?

What color is your bedroom's carpet? pink (I have a throw rug over the boring gray in our quarters)

What color is your bathroom? white and chrome

What's on your mouse pad? ...the mouse?

What's under your bed? Li. (I have the top bunk.)

How many times did you fail your permit and/or driver's license test? Once in London, once in Boston. Switching sides of the road can be really difficult!

If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? Gregor Mendel

What was the last film you saw at the movies? Whatever was showing at Movie Night... it was something with subtitles.

What was the last film you saw at home? "A Chill Wind," with David March

What was the last book you read? The instruction manual for our phase pistols. Twice. I nearly burned off Lt. Reed's face during my last target practice. I was completely humiliated. Luckily, he's okay, but I felt terrible! I really could have hurt him.

What was the last CD you listened to? The Kinks Greatest Hits

What do you have for breakfast? Decaf, toast with raspberry jam, fruit

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? no

Can you roll your tongue? no

How many keys on your key ring? I left it home

Where would you like to visit most? The next planet with life!

Hobbies? I thought about taking up target shooting, but Lt. Reed said "such endeavour might be contraindicated." I guess I have to stick with pressing flowers in books.

Which single store would you choose to max your credit card? Le Parfumerie

What do you do most often when you are bored? Talk. As my roommate knows. 8)

What words or phrases do you overuse? "bugger" (Vic thinks it's a cute pun, Dad is not amused)

What words or phrases do your friends overuse? "I'll get back to ya." (The privilege of command, I suppose, but...ever hear of "noblesse oblige"?)

Friend who lives farthest away? Delia in Tampa

Greatest pet peeve? People who squeal "eeeeewwww, bugs!" and make faces when I tell them what I do for a living.

Best thing in the world? Unlocking the mysteries of a new species. There's nothing like a good dissection under a really powerful microscope.

When do you get up? 0645

Bedtime? 2300

Last new thing you bought for yourself? Does lunch on Venamar count?