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Personal Quiz: Mirror Universe Forrest

Mirror ENT


Lineage ID? Forrest out of Forrest Tenth, 1A. My family has a long history of serving in the military, even before the Empire.

Current name? Maximilian Forrest

Aliases? The General. The Rock.

Rank? Captain

Current primary enemy? Archer. An ineffective soldier with delusions of conquest. The greed for self-glory he's recently displayed makes him a danger to the Empire.

Current secondary enemy? Reed. I thought him a sound solder, dedicated to the military. His love of torture should have been a warning to me that he's not stable.

Number of years you've survived? 55

Number of battles won? As Captain, I've had 85 victories for the Empire which resulted in 425 enemy ships brought into the Imperial fleet. Acquiring technology and resources is what makes us strong, not the mere annihilation of an opponent.

Pets? None

Height? 1.8m

Eye color? Blue

Hair color? What hair I have is gray.

Piercings? None. {snort} The younger soldiers of today -- it's all about style, not substance.

Tattoos? None

Scars? A knife wound on my left soldier. A coward with bad aim. He's dead.

Any major body parts missing or supplemented with a prosthetic? No

How much do you love the Empire? Ad vitam aeternam.

Current ship? Enterprise

How many people did you have remove to get there? Enterprise is a prize, and worth devising an effective strategy to attain. I worked my way here in three moves.

Next ship? Enterprise is my ship.


Very tight pants or miniskirts? As a uniform? As long as it's a uniform, I have no preferences.

Leather, Kevlar, or armor? Leather protects the human skin and it's practical.

Whisky or ale? Whisky. Neat.

Rare wines and exotic delicacies captured from passing vessels in the name of the Empire, or haunch of targ with rotgut from the still in Engineering? Rare wines and exotic delicacies.

Coffee or Jolt? Coffee

Food or sex? As Captain, I'm entitled to both.

Do you enjoy devising your own interrogations or do you savor watching someone else do the tough extractions? I always devise my own. I've no use for the level of violence some of the younger crew relish for even the smallest infraction. I believe in making the punishment fit the crime, and did so when I ordered Archer and Reed into the Booth.

Knife blade: serrated, hook, or poisoned? Serrated.

Gold or silver? On Hoshi, either looks good. As currency, gold.

Bridges or tunnels? Bridges.

Growl, shout, or hiss? A shout -- it's to the point and effective.

Coliseum or torture chamber? Coliseum. Whenever possible, punishment should be a lesson to all, not a form of entertainment for a few. That's why I disapprove of the Booth.

Vulcans: mostly useful minions or servants who are too intelligent for their own good? Depends on the Vulcan. Some have served the Empire better than a few humans I could name.

Ion storms: Cool or scary? Disruptive, unless it can be used effectively in a military campaign, which I've done on occasion.

Vlad the Impaler or Niccoló Machiavelli? Machiavelli, although I prefer less convoluted strategies to attain victory for the state. We shouldn't be the enemies within the state, we should focus on the enemies outside the state. It's because of Machiavelli we have Archers, who scheme to make a name for themselves.

Lucrezia Borgia or Countess Bathory? Borgia, but again, internal strife weakens the state.

Colonel Green or Khan? Their self-serving agendas didn't serve the Empire.

Sauron or Voldemort? Sauron

Beatles or Stones? Both are too loud and undisciplined.

Daggers or swords? Each is an excellent weapon in its own way. I recommend my crew become skilled at using both.

Mac, PC, or Unix? The standard Starfleet military PC is good enough for me.


Pizza topping? Cheese and pepperoni

Dessert? Chocolate ice cream

Energy weapon? Hmm, I do like the scattered discharge of the plasma shotgun, which allows one to cover a wide area, and I like how it works as a bludgeon when necessary.

Training film? "The Multiple Uses of 10 Key Starfleet Weapons"

Monitoring device? I'm flexible -- whatever gets the job done.

Method of keeping your underlings in line? Floggings

Place to be kissed? This is a military ship. Sex stays behind closed doors.

Imperial holiday? April 5

Book? The History of the Starfleet Assault Fleet: From Montana to the Empire. We've got a tradition we can be proud of.

James Bond villain? I don't have time for fictional villains.

Quote? Ratio et consilium propriae ducis artes. ("Reason and deliberation are the proper skills of a general.")

Word or phrase? "Get the job done right the first time."

Website? The Starfleet Military Official Website

Least favorite thing? Greedy, whiny, deceptive subordinates. Their petty, selfish concerns cause internal disruption that takes from the bigger goal: the success of the Empire.


How many weapons do you carry on your person, approximately? Four. I'm prepared for almost any enemy. Archer surprised me by hiding his personal ambitions so well. Usually, anyone that power-hungry is either spotted by Section 17 and removed from service, or weeded out in their too-zealous rise through the ranks.

How old were you when you committed your first assassination? 22

How many times has someone attempted to assassinate you? 10

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A soldier, serving the Empire.

What do you look for in a partner? Intelligence and honesty. With Hoshi I've come to appreciate a woman who can help me take my mind off the job.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A soldier.

What characteristics do you despise? Whining!

How do you express anger? Only deception makes me angry, and then execution is justified.

Would you rather die or become a bureaucrat? Die

What was your most satisfying revenge? Putting Archer and Reed in the Booth.

Last person you went to dinner with? Pleasure or business? Culminated in sex or death? Hoshi. Both. Sex.

Last crony whom you rewarded for a nasty job well-done? Not that he's a crony, but Hoshi and I decided to reward Tucker for his unwitting role in freeing me. Hoshi said he enjoyed it, and, although not a soldier, Tucker has always been a loyal member of the crew.

Ever been a "Captain's Woman" or "Captain's Man"? No


Had the drink Calypso Breeze? No

Any superstitions? No

First thing you think of when you wake up? If Hoshi is around, her. If not, my ship and my crew.

What's on your mouse pad? The military sword of the Empire.

What's under your bed? My military locker.

How many people did you have to bribe to get into Imperial service? As a descendant of a long line of military heroes, my admittance was never in question. And we don't resort to bribery when the integrity of the Empire is involved.

What Academy subject is completely useless? Every subject is valuable in the service of the Empire.

What was the last book you read? The Military History of Tau Ceti.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No

Can you roll your tongue? No

Hobbies? Games of strategy: chess, poker, baseball

Should supervillains have capes? I don't have time for fictional supervillains.

Which single store would you choose to extort tribute from? I've always loved pre-warp firearms, and there's a store in San Francisco which has quite a selection.

Greatest pet peeve? Soldiers who want to be advanced up the chain of command beyond their abilities.

Best thing in the world? A well-run ship, serving the Empire.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? The soldiers of Starfleet.

Photo: Star Trek: Enterprise Screencaps
Co-writer: myst123