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Personal Quiz: Mirror Universe Mayweather

Mirror MACO


Lineage ID? If I succeed in this mission, I'll have earned the first ID in my family's history.

Current name? Travis Paul Mayweather

Aliases? Blade

Rank? Sergeant

Current primary enemy? Whoever Captain Archer tells me it is.

Current secondary enemy? Whoever's going to take out Archer... because I might be serving him or her next.

Number of years you've survived? 28

Number of battles won? a few dozen

Pets? I always had pet rats growing up.

Height? 1.8m

Eye color? Brown

Hair color? Black

Piercings? One in my ear

Tattoos? A tribal pattern on my shoulderblade. All the men in my family have it. My father said we could use it to call on our ancestor kings for luck.

Scars? Not as long as I keep calling on my ancestors.

Any major body parts missing or supplemented with a prosthetic? No, but Major Reed makes a good case for his arm enhancements.

How much do you love the Empire? Animis opibusque parati

Current ship? Defiant

How many people did you have remove to get there? I came on board with Archer.

Next ship? I try not to plan for specifics, just to be ready for whatever comes next.


Very tight pants or miniskirts? Pants. Skirts aren't appropriate on my kind of duty.

Leather, Kevlar, or armor? Armor if I can, Kevlar if I can't.

Whisky or ale? Sharing a pint of ale can be a good way to get people to start talking. Especially when they think that being quiet means you're deaf.

Rare wines and exotic delicacies captured from passing vessels in the name of the Empire, or haunch of targ with rotgut from the still in Engineering? The interesting people are usually having targ and rotgut.

Coffee or Jolt? Coffee

Food or sex? Depends on what I need from the other person.

Do you enjoy devising your own interrogations or do you savor watching someone else do the tough extractions? I punch whom I'm told to punch. I don't particularly like it or dislike it.

Knife blade: serrated, hook, or poisoned? Whatever gets the job done.

Gold or silver? Gold. Silver looks silly on me.

Bridges or tunnels? I get a little nervous in tunnels, actually -- too much stuff pressing down on my head.

Growl, shout, or hiss? Neither. Steady stare.

Coliseum or torture chamber? Coliseum. More participants, more plots.

Vulcans: mostly useful minions or servants who are too intelligent for their own good? The useful ones can stay bought, but there are a few who have to be watched.

Ion storms: Cool or scary? Scary. They're huge, they can tear the ship apart, and they are not impressed by medals or firepower.

Vlad the Impaler or Niccoló Machiavelli? Vlad. Machiavelli was very high-maintenance.

Lucrezia Borgia or Countess Bathory? Borgia. Bathory was even worse.

Colonel Green or Khan? Colonel Green

Sauron or Voldemort? They both depended on others to get things done, but in the end Sauron had a better army.

Beatles or Stones? Stones, although not when Porthos is howling. I'm surprised Keith Richards hasn't come back from the dead to make the dog stop.

Daggers or swords? Daggers. Swords take too long -- all that parrying and dodging and fancy stepping. I just want to get in, get the job done, and move on.

Mac, PC, or Unix? Mac. Point. Click. Done.


Pizza topping? Just cheese

Dessert? Chocolate rum truffles

Energy weapon? Whatever gets the job done.

Training film? I've forgotten the name now, but whichever one they show in first-level introducing the various military branches. One look at the MACOs pouring through the breached wall and storming the enemy stronghold and I knew I'd found my ticket.

Monitoring device? If I told you, you'd know what to look for, wouldn't you?

Method of keeping your underlings in line? My platoon is disciplined and loyal. Nobody needs to be kept in line.

Place to be kissed? My tattoo. For luck.

Imperial holiday? I know I'll get ragged for this, but I still love Children of the Empire Day. Before we shipped out I would always help my mom give out the little sugar crowns.

Book? I'm not much on reading for entertainment. I prefer music.

James Bond villain? The Bond movies are fun, but not even remotely believable. I can't choose a "favorite" from among clowns, posers, and megalomaniacs.

Quote? "Still waters run deep."

Word or phrase? None. Steady stare.

Website? My brother keeps the family news on his blog.

Least favorite thing? Slipping up and saying too much


How many weapons do you carry on your person, approximately? Several

How old were you when you committed your first assassination? 23

How many times has someone attempted to assassinate you? Only once, but I think that was part of Basic Training.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I'd rather not reveal my plans at this time.

What do you look for in a partner? Oh, I'm not picky. Willing and clean.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Emperor. Doesn't everybody?

What characteristics do you despise? Bluster. Someone who's all bark and no bite. Some people join the service because they like the idea of "fighting for the glory of the Empire," but when it comes time to getting their hands bloody, they try to weasel out of it. Fortunately, Major Reed has a good eye for ferreting out the toy soldiers, and none of them have made it into our platoon.

How do you express anger? I let it simmer until I can direct it for the most good, or I take it out on the punching bag in the gym.

Would you rather die or become a bureaucrat? I'd be ashamed to be demoted to bureaucrat, but I'd still be alive to find a way to redeem myself.

What was your most satisfying revenge? Wait for it....

Last person you went to dinner with? Pleasure or business? Culminated in sex or death? Sato. Both.

Last crony whom you rewarded for a nasty job well-done? In the service, we're all equals serving the Empire to greater or lesser degree. That's all the reward anyone needs.

Ever been a "Captain's Woman" or "Captain's Man"? That's Starfleet, not us.


Had the drink Calypso Breeze? Every Sunday after dinner before I joined the service.

Any superstitions? I think my ancestor kings were responsible for getting me to Enterprise.

First thing you think of when you wake up? I review my plans for the day, and do a little za-zen in the gym.

What's on your mouse pad? MACO logo and a photo of my sister

What's under your bed? I'd rather not reveal that at this time.

How many people did you have to bribe to get into Imperial service? None... when the woman in my way had a streak of bad luck and wound up with Rigellian fever.

What Academy subject is completely useless? Public Speaking

What was the last book you read? A biography of Deep Throat

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Yes

Can you roll your tongue? No

Hobbies? Taking pictures and getting souvenirs from where we've been, for my family

Should supervillains have capes? Movement catches the eye and draws attention. Only grandstanders want to be in the spotlight all the time.

Which single store would you choose to extort tribute from? A gourmet food shop -- you never know what rare item someone's going to have a craving for, and would trade anything to get their hands on.

Greatest pet peeve? Trying to balance being subtle with being ignored.

Best thing in the world? Sugar crowns with strawberries like my great-grandmother used to make.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? {steady stare}

Photo: Star Trek: Enterprise Screencaps