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Personal Quiz: Mirror Universe Soval

Mirror Universe


Lineage ID? Vulcans have not thought in terms of the "purity" of bloodlines, as the humans and Andorians do, since Surak brought about the Reformation. I was born to Vulcans who believed in the basic good of all species. I am content they did not live to see what Vulcans have become, or to know that a species such as the humans exists in the universe.

Current name? Soval

Aliases? {raises eyebrow}

Rank? Crewman

Current primary enemy? Until recent events, I did not have enough importance to merit "an enemy." T'Pol, however, is... passionate for this other universe, and I cannot deny her when she needs help. Therefore, her enemies are now mine. Archer.

Current secondary enemy? Sato

Number of years you've survived? 175

Number of battles won? Admiral Black has... had... defeated the enemy fourteen times after I was assigned to his ship.

Pets? None

Height? 1.76784m

Eye color? Brown

Hair color? Gray

Piercings? None

Tattoos? At one time it was common for non-humans to be branded, and therefore I have a brand of chain links tattooed around my right ankle. I believe the captain who bestowed this mark found I was not subservient enough, and provided me with a reminder why my... attitude... was keeping me from advancement.

Scars? A knife wound on the left side of my torso, near where a human heart would be located. I was impulsive in my youth, and my actions led to the markings on my body.

Any major body parts missing or supplemented with a prosthetic? Not at present.

How much do you love the Empire? You equate love -- which is indeed a noble emotion -- with blind patriotism, which is a form of control over the mindless and has nothing to do with love.

Current ship? The Avenger

How many people did you have remove to get there? None. The previous science officer was traded to Captain Forrest in exchange for five cases of Saurian brandy.

Next ship? Wherever I am assigned or traded.


Very tight pants or miniskirts? Vulcan robes

Leather, Kevlar, or armor? Wool for warmth. With wool, no lives are sacrificed, not even the lives of animals, which humans hold in such contempt. And wool protects me from cold, one of the enemies of Vulcans.

Whisky or ale? Tea, unsweetened.

Rare wines and exotic delicacies captured from passing vessels in the name of the Empire, or haunch of targ with rotgut from the still in Engineering? I do not partake in the bounty which is acquired through the misfortunes or abuses of others.

Coffee or Jolt? Coffee, unsweetened.

Food or sex? The pon farr has been used by humans as a means of controlling our people. Sex has devulcanized us.

Do you enjoy devising your own interrogations or do you savor watching someone else do the tough extractions? I am a pacifist.

Knife blade: serrated, hook, or poisoned? I fight only to defend myself. I have no preferred method other than I hope not to hurt another living being if possible.

Gold or silver? If you are speaking of decorations, neither. Humans value gold more than silver in their currency exchange.

Bridges or tunnels? Bridges.

Growl, shout, or hiss? I do not make irrational noises as a means of intimidating others.

Coliseum or torture chamber? Humans are barbaric.

Vulcans: mostly useful minions or servants who are too intelligent for their own good? I believe Vulcans are the hope for the universe.

Ion storms: Cool or scary? As noisy as an aggressive human, and at times almost as destructive.

Vlad the Impaler or Niccoló Machiavelli? Machiavelli. Sadists are illogical. At least Machiavelli was advocating strength through intelligence and insight rather than power resulting from enjoyment of the torture and extreme fear of those who are weaker.

Lucrezia Borgia or Countess Bathory? Borgia. Again, politics is the motivator, not joy of sadism.

Colonel Green or Khan? Neither.

Sauron or Voldemort? Who?

Beatles or Stones? Who?

Daggers or swords? If you must insist on reducing every question to forms of violence, then a dagger. It is quick, efficient, and to the point. Swords are for those who like to play with danger, not those who wish to be away from it.

Mac, PC, or Unix? I believe it was Joseph Campbell who equated human computer technology with the human god of the "Old Testament" section of one of their holy books -- many rules and no mercy. Any of these systems could be described thus.


Pizza topping? I do not eat human food as a source of enjoyment.

Dessert? See above.

Energy weapon? {raises eyebrow}

Training film? I found the Empire's propaganda films to be pedestrian at best and bloodthirsty at worst.

Monitoring device? My hearing often is as effective as any monitoring device.

Method of keeping your underlings in line? I have no underlings.

Place to be kissed? My personal preferences are not for the lascivious curiosity of humans.

Imperial holiday? Vulcans are prohibited from participating in Imperial holidays.

Book? The Teachings of Surak. The one copy which I was able to obtain was left with my family on Vulcan; despite the peace it might bring me during my service, I felt it was wiser not to have a volume which the Empire considers openly seditious among my possessions.

James Bond villain? {raises eyebrow} At this moment, any which would cause Earth to self-destruct.

Quote? Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam. ("It is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice.")

Word or phrase? Fascinating. (I find humans respond favorably to the idea that Vulcans are captivated by their every word or gesture.)

Website? My password does not unlock that facet of the computer terminals to which I have access.

Least favorite thing? Being displayed as a source of entertainment for humans during my pon farr.


How many weapons do you carry on your person, approximately? None. I am a Vulcan, bred to peace.

How old were you when you committed your first assassination? I have assassinated no one.

How many times has someone attempted to assassinate you? None of which I am aware.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I would choose to be on a Vulcan ship monitoring some unknown alien world and discovering its botanic secrets. In all likelihood, I will be continuing my servitude for a human captain.

What do you look for in a partner? The ears of Vulcan women are aesthetically pleasing.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A monk. Perhaps a scientist.

What characteristics do you despise? Sadism.

How do you express anger? {raises eyebrow}

Would you rather die or become a bureaucrat? I am reduced to a cog in the Imperial machine -- I am a bureaucrat. And it devulcanizes me.

What was your most satisfying revenge? Revenge is for humans.

Last person you went to dinner with? Pleasure or business? Culminated in sex or death? T'Pol. It was a shared meal, neither pleasure or business, but more pleasure than business. Neither. What is your obsession with copulation and death?

Last crony whom you rewarded for a nasty job well-done? While I could not consider him a "crony," for his assistance in disarming Archer, I promised Doctor Phlox the Emperor would supply him with an assortment of female concubines. Doctor Phlox was receptive to such a reward.

Ever been a "Captain's Woman" or "Captain's Man"? No.


Had the drink Calypso Breeze? No.

Any superstitions? I believed, for many years, that the IDIC was a source of power. That belief is gone.

First thing you think of when you wake up? Will meditation bring peace today?

What's on your mouse pad? It is green.

What's under your bed? I sleep on the floor.

How many people did you have to bribe to get into Imperial service? None.

What Academy subject is completely useless? Interspecies cultural awareness.

What was the last book you read? Wheat and the History of Its Deadly Diseases

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No.

Can you roll your tongue? No.

Hobbies? I meditate when I can, and I read about human agricultural crops.

Should supervillains have capes? They should not exist.

Which single store would you choose to extort tribute from? I do not take advantage of others. I would barter for anything I need.

Greatest pet peeve? Questions about sex, food, and violence. And weapons.

Best thing in the world? Vulcan.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Appearances are an accident of birth, modified by one's behavior. Comparing the aesthetic value of one individual to another serves no purpose.

Photo: Star Trek: Enterprise Screencaps
Co-writer: myst123