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All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Trip Tucker

Let sleeping princesses lie. There's probably a very good reason why they're in stasis.

Don't put your hands in those pebbles; you don't know where they've been. Or where they'll take you.

The early virus definition update catches the worm.

If it ain't broke, what did you call me out of Engineering for?

Go is like life. Life is like Go. Go life go.

A spanner in the hand is worth two microcalipers in the toolbox on the other side of the room.

If a bullfrog had warp engines, its ass wouldn't drag at impulse.

The squeaky EPS conduit gets shut down first.

All frills and no knickers. (Just threw that in to catch Malcolm's attention.)

Better the devil you know than the shapeshifting alien muggers you don't.

If you can't take the heat, don't volunteer for missions on desert planets.

You can't make a toupée out of a tribble's ear. (No wait, that's from "All I Need to Know I Learned From Jim Kirk")

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Nobody ever does that in a John Ford Western.

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself. If you want a thing done fast, tell somebody else he can't possibly do it that soon and you're giving the job to the boys back at Jupiter Station.

It takes two to do the Andorian Shuffle.

Little Ferengi have big ears.

If the cap'n ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Too many admirals, not enough lieutenants.

A closed mouth gathers no poop questions.

You can lead a war to Vulcan, but you can't make them blink.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but nothing beats a fully-loaded phase cannon. (Oops, that one's from the "All I Need to Know I Learned From Malcolm Reed" list)

To a man who keeps getting hammered, everything looks like it's out to nail you.

Time and tide wait for no man, except Cap'n who always seems to have this "Get out of temporal paradoxes free" card in his back pocket.

It's easier to ask forgiveness than get permission. But if you're going to hook up that phase cannon directly to the warp engines, you'd better damn well check with me first.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but most of them are fathered by engineers.

Another man's wife? Not even if he offers. (tripsy and Archer4Trip)

No good deed goes unpunished, even if you try to help someone just learn to read. (Li)

Make friends with your Armory officer. Sometimes it's fun to blow up stuff. (Li)

If you are about to eat a dish of meat you don't recognize, don't ask the host what it is. As long as it's safe, just pretend it's chicken. (tripsy)

Always make sure you don't have holes in your tighty-bluesies. Mom was never know when you'll get in an accident. Or end up on an away mission. (tripsy)

Idea credit: Hildwyn of Rohan