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Things Archer Signs Without Looking

Dr. Phlox's weekly request to wipe the crew's memories of any technology, disease, or race which isn't supposed to be around for another 80 to 200 years.

Memo from Lt. Reed: "I'd like to have all crewmembers armed at all times with phase pistols, grenades, crossbows, and those wicked serrated daggers we stole from the Klingon woman. Can't be too careful out here. Sign if you agree."

Scheduling confirmation of monthly poker game with Shran, Soval, Forrest, and Boothby.

Requisition for four hundred kilos of Purina Beagle Chow.

Denial of weekly request from Mayweather, T. to have more than three lines per episode.

Denial of weekly request from Sato, H. to have more than six lines and two reaction shots per episode.

Autographs on "Dr. Beckett" headshots.

Denial of invitation to testify in support of Dr. Soong at his parole hearing.

Memo from Subcommander T'Pol: "I'm a lot more telepathic than you think, and what you're thinking gives me a headache. Sign if you agree to keep it down."

Denial of weekly invitation from Ambassador Soval to sign up for correspondence course in Logic 101 at the Vulcan Academy of Sciences.

Requisition for 15 new sets of Starfleet-issue undershirt and boxers from Tucker, C.