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New Year's Resolutions of the NX-01 Crew (and Friends)


I will take my medication daily. I will make time for therapy as often as Phlox says I need to go. I will not give him grief about it.

Porthos gets cheese once a week, no more.

Start serious correspondence with Soval. He turned out to be a decent guy.


I resolve to read through all three books of Surak again, taking notes. I have already asked T'Pau to send me translations of the Kir'Shara as they are completed.

I resolve to socialize more with the female members of Enterprise's crew. To that end, the next time Ensign Sato and Crewman Cutler invite me for a "Ben & Jerry's Men Are Dogs Night," I will accept.


Once a day, track down Malcolm and do something to make him laugh. (Same resolution as last year.)

Teach Cap'n how to make a decent risotto in exchange for a real clam chowder.

Keep Mike from ever laying a finger on that spanner.


I will limit my mutiny-planning sessions to two hours a week maximum. (Unless Mister Tucker helps, in which case we can go all night.)

Memorize a Shakespearean play.

Write to Madeline at least once a month.


Learn Esperanto. I've been putting it off for five years.

Organize closet or give away wardrobe.


Talk more.


No more medical animals with banned uses.

If my weight gets back to pre-hibernation levels, I must reinstall the tapeworm.

Once a week, send a note to Jeremy, just because.


Come up with three new reasons each month why Alpha Male should give me cheese. Note to self: "Because it tastes good" is taken.

Write more poetry.


Get Commander Tucker's spanner. Somehow, some way.

Finish the design of the tattoo of Angua for my sister.


Find a way to keep Archer in my debt.

Review myths and legends so I'll have a good topper for "The Soldier at Gol" for the next meeting with Soval.


Research exactly what is the fascination humans have with our ears.

Send memo to staff reminding them that tinfoil hats are not part of a regulation uniform, and will not prevent against unconsenting melds.


Declare new goal of updating once or twice a week, rather than hoping to have 5 minutes every single day to scrounge up some new link and slap a pithy comment on it.

Before announcing any "event," anniversary, "Event Week," or anything else special, I will have all the content finished and ready to upload. (...why is everyone snickering?)

Eat more pie.

Petition Microsoft to change the definition of "soon" in the next version of Encarta. Failing that, petition Royal Greenwich Observatory to recognize Soon Standard Time.