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Welcome the best STEPHEN HAWKING fansite on the web!! we are your hostesses with the mostesses, hawks_grrrrl and Black Holer!

here you will find everything there is to know about the hottest quantum physicist in all 11 dimensions.

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the hawk-man


Isn't he so cute in his knitted sweater? And big smile?


Thanks to Polly Akov for this great watercolor!

We have a large selection of Hawking and QP avatars for your enjoyment!



Strange Auntie
what's up?

Black Holer: OMG
did you see the
new photos?

Strange Auntie
yeah their

he is sooooo hot

Black Holer: THUD

Strange Auntie
he;s gonna
be in spain in

Black Holer: I met
Dr. E from the SHEB
at CalTech

Black Holer: we
have totally the
same stuff on our

RikersBeard: you
guys are so lame




2/2/05: Gallery update: WE GOT PHOTOS! I finally got my camera back and copied all the CalTech shots to my hard drive. Some of them are blurry but make sure you check out 63, 68, and 75. It was such a thrill to hear him talk! He is so totally smooth moving around on stage, it's amazing. I'm still writing up my lecture report so I'll put that up as soon as I can.

Also in the Gallery in the Fan Art section we have a really beautiful new painting of the Hawk-Man from Polly Akov (lol screen name!). You can see the pretty thumbnail over on the left. The Rie Mann has posted the next two chapters of "Open Heartstrings" in Fan Fiction. He promised he's going to finish it before Valentine's Day.

1/8/05: Happy 63rd Birthday to the Hawk-Man!! Hope ya spend it with good friends!

12/27/04: Best Christmas present ever! My mom got me tickets to SEE STEPHEN AT CALTECH! Anybody else going? PM me on the QPforum and let's meet up!

12/20/04: hi, Black Holer here, i have a new QP quiz in Silly Strings,and we have new stories from D_Braneiac and MuldersTie.

12/15/04: It's confirmed!! Stephen is coming to the U.S. in January to CalTech!!! OMG have to get tickets NOW! NOW! NOW!

12/10/04: More Silly Strings! I finally finished the list of page dingbats for IllABHoT. Some of them I couldn't even tell what they were, so I had put stuff like "widget that illustrates quantum theory of gravity."

I added a new link to House of Hawking, which is run by Asimov4Hawking. really cool site -- lots of great fanfic, a fun forum, poetry, songs, games, and photos of OMH.

11/25/04: Happy Thanksgiving! We found out this week that we won a Heisenberg Compensator Award! yay us!

There's a new fic challenge posted, called "EineSteine Nachtmusik."

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"the symmetry principle" was designed as the April Fool's Day 2005 page for TripHammered. It is purely in fun, and not meant to be disrespectful to Professor Hawking in any way. He's been on TNG, Futurama, and The Simpsons (not to mention there are some decently funny lines in his books -- c'mon, "the black hole has no hair"?), so I'd like to think he has enough of a sense of humor about himself to appreciate the joke.