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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Resistance"

Several plot threads are resolved with a sickening thud, and new ones begin. Much craziness ensues in the interim. This ain't your father's BSG.

It's consistent both with Tigh's previous nastiness about Tyrol and Galactica Sharon's relationship and his current floundering dictatorship that he would immediately assume the Chief was also a Cylon. Of course, the only way to prove it is with Baltar's test...which supposedly cleared Galactica Sharon. Nice backpedaling about a "beeta test" (Callis's accent is occasionally jarring). Tigh may have bought it, but will Adama?

Speaking of Tigh "buying it" -- I was so hoping Adama was going to kick his ass for his screwups, but I guess not. Tigh's overreactions and bad judgment were partly because of his drinking problem and partly from Lady MacTigh's influence. If Moulin Rouge hadn't labeled her that last week, I would have seen it crystal-clear here. She's acting almost precisely like Lady MacBeth, manipulating and wheedling and pushing her "passive" husband to do dangerous and ambitious things to get power, and the hell with anyone who gets in their way. I bet she wouldn't hesitate to take someone out if she felt she had to, either. (Did she take out Valence for Zarek?) She craves power. If she can't get it, she wants to be near it. For Tigh to have power and not know what to do with it is insanely frustrating for her. He's a bad commander (although to his credit, he knows it). He's not flexible, he's not confident, and he doesn't think well under pressure. He doesn't think things through or consider the long-term consequences, he just flails out with the first fist which comes to hand. She can push him into almost anything because he'd rather placate her, or please her, than work though the ramifications of what she asks for. Their dynamic is dangerous. (And the scene where their argument ends in sex was just plain creepy. Although it shows quite plainly what gets her off.)

So now both Sharons have been violently rejected by their swains, both with angry epithets about machines being incapable of love. Both Sharons claimed to love the men they were with and were deeply hurt by being pushed away. Is Sharon just a weak model? Was she created for this kind of assignment throughout human society?

Grace Park has done a great job portraying two subtly different individuals. Caprica Sharon's hurt wasn't quite the same, even though her stakes are higher, and she had a bit more backbone -- but then, she knows what she is. Galactica Sharon was devastated by Chief snarling at her, and was willing to give up or make up information for Baltar to keep Chief from dying. She told Chief she loved him with her last breath. Caprica Sharon took Kara's Raider and vanished; we still don't know what that story is. (It does resolve the naming problem for the moment, though.)

Here's something I don't understand: Tigh claimed that because the President, one person, was in the brig, that the government couldn't function, and he was dissolving the Quorum and declaring martial law. With the president arrested and the VP vanished, I can see how that could be a rudderless government. But you had twelve additional people who were empowered to make decisions, and if nothing else they could have elected a president and vice president pro-tem. And once Baltar returns, if Tigh had actually been thinking clearly and not shooting flies with an elephant gun, wouldn't that have been the moment to return the reigns to the civilian leaders? He is Roslin's elected successor, slimeball or not.

Six continues to dress demurely, and needle Baltar about "their" child. "Our child's going to be half 'toaster.' How does that make you feel?" she hisses after he uses the term to Cally. Then she puts down groundwork for the next arc: urging him "to do something about... being humiliated by mechanics and colonels alike." We won't know until next week whether she goaded him only into poisoning Chief or if more is going to happen.

Dee sneaking in reports for Tigh to sign as he's trying to talk to Baltar hee hee hee rather like Yeoman Rand constantly giving Kirk PADDs to initial. That also set up her hallway piece nicely.

I am very glad that the civilians immediately protested Roslin's arrest and removal and didn't roll over for Galactica's weaponry. We only saw occasionally on Classic BSG how the ships depended on one another for supplies, but it's been more spelled out here. Lorne Greene's Adama was benevolent and loved, and the querulous Quorum was more than happy to have him in command -- the one time they attempted to restore civilian law, it backfired on them, and they pleaded with Adama to take over and reinstate martial law again! The pilots were supportive of Lee, catcalling the unpopular Tigh, but Hotdog didn't defy orders. Of course, he wasn't given an order to fire on Lee, either, so we don't know how that might have ended.

Once again, Tigh's only capable of using one tool: military discipline. If someone resists, clamp down harder. When he finally gets enough of a breather to gain perspective and muses that he should contact all the fleet's captains for a discussion, Lady MacTigh hems and haws and wheedles and backtracks and poses and drapes until he can only think of her, and her opinion, and does what she wants him to do.

Was Tigh constantly in the background talking to people whenever there was a conversation in the hallway, or were we just seeing things?

Okay, it's flat-out annoying that they bring back Triad but they call it Pyramid. Pyramid was the name of the card game. If they needed to change it, they couldn't have invented any other term? (On the bright side, maybe we'll get to see those Fifth Element uniforms again.)

Beautiful teamwork by Lee, Billy, the corporal, Roslin, the quack doctor, and Dee in getting the rebels out of the cell and off the ship. Although now I'm half-convinced Gaeta's a Cylon too. He mentioned the off-log calls to Dee as a warning, but then covered for her to Tigh. Does he covertly disapprove of what Tigh's doing, but not enough to support Dee's illegal actions? Or is he a toaster creating as much trouble as possible?

Tigh sending out Marines to forcibly collect supplies is just nuts. Moogie pointed out that such action essentially makes Tigh a pirate, seizing tribute and booty. How is Adama going to justify keeping Tigh as XO after this? Who is going to trust him?

Baltar takes a page from Dr. Phloxenstein's book in dealing with Galactica Sharon and the Chief. He doesn't particularly care if Tyrol dies, because he can blame it on her. He can use that to force her to talk, so he has some concrete source of information -- to take back to Tigh or Adama, I'm guessing; maybe that's part of Six's plan for him to end the "humiliation." Now, the question is whether he believes her number, and separately whether it's real. I think she said whatever she could come up with just to save Chief.

Well, it looks like Cally really did snap down on Kobol. She was finally pushed farther than she could handle, and now she realizes what she's capable of -- what she would do in the name of loyalty. She cares about Chief too much, and she's still a bit wired from their time on the planet. Since Chief nearly murdered for her, she's prepared to murder for Chief. She threatens Baltar, she attacks one of the guys putting together the cell, and finally goes Jack Ruby on Galactica Sharon. Will we see her again in a court-martial?

I was surprised that Billy didn't join the rebellion, but not displeased. It's nice to see that he does have a line he won't cross. Roslin's cool "I wish you well" makes me wonder if she'll take him back after it's all over, though.

Zarek! Holy catfish! It's perfect, though. We guessed it after Lee said Roslin wouldn't like his plan, but it was delicious to see. He's still trying to be casual, charming, and legitimate. She still won't give him an inch more than she has to. Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy ride with these two.

Olmos is an amazing actor. He usually keeps Adama tight and formal, but here he shows his physical pain, lets his emotions show in his wide eyes and his voice. You could see Adama struggling for his habitual calm and cool, but he's just not strong enough yet. A fantastic piece of work for two minutes of airtime.

So, potential Cylons on Galactica: Gaeta (privy to a lot of information, well-trusted, dubious behavior with Dee, did he really screw up with the rendezvous coordinates or was it deliberate?), Billy (how else would Caprica Six have known Starbuck was coming to the Delphi Museum?), Lady MacTigh (mysterious reappearance, constant attempts to unbalance XO and separate him from CO, shady dealings with Zarek to foment discord). Or none of them.

And to close with a laugh, here's this gag but appropriate story: "Battlestar Galactica Accidentally Cancels Itself."

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