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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Home, Part 1"

Apparently Helo is the only one of the Colonials who doesn't immediately see Caprica Sharon as homicidal toaster, but Sharon is the only model of the Cylons who hasn't actually been a homicidal toaster (although she's tried). So we can forgive Lee and Roslin a bit of knee-jerk defensiveness, I think.

Interesting how Adama asks what they've lost and Dee first responds in terms of people. Adama wants to know supplies. Dee is thinking in terms of family. But Adama spends much of his airtime this week talking about the strength of family bonds, and the love he has for the people in the fleet, and Dee neatly plays on that later when she pressures him to reunite the two groups of ships simply because the separation is too painful. (A parallel: last time, Roslin made a bad decision, and Adama "won" by arresting her. This time, she makes another bad decision, but she "wins" because Adama relents and goes back for her third of the fleet.)

I know the camera was slowed down, but the dawning of rage on Lee's face when he saw Caprica Sharon was a thing of beauty. Bamber is definitely rising in my estimation as an actor.

Even though Caprica Sharon seems to be helping the Colonials, she's awfully convenient with her revelations. She doesn't mention she's pregnant until Helo is ready to plug her. She doesn't mention that she knows where Kara was being held until at least a day or two of searching. She doesn't mention that she knows where the Tomb of Athena is until Roslin's goons have her halfway to the airlock. She doesn't mention anything about potential centurion assaults or Bouncing Betty mines on Kobol until Elosha steps on a trigger. She doesn't mention that she's going for a weapon to shoot said centurions until after she's taken them out and glared at Lee for jumping to perfectly reasonable conclusions. What else is she going to reveal when Lee puts a gun to her head again? I don't trust her. She may or may not agree with what the rest of the Collective has planned for the Colonials, but she hasn't completely switched sides, either.

Adama cracking walnuts with his bare hands whoa!

Poor redshirt replacement squadron captain. I would have liked it better if he'd really been competent so Lee won't have such a cakewalk of a return. Although for Adama to refer to late Zak and lost Lee in the same phrase shows the depth to which Lee's betrayal has hurt his father.

I wonder if Adama was squirming inside when he held out his hand to Birch for another handshake, remembering what happened the last time he made that gesture?

Well, Adama didn't necessarily handle the press better than Tigh, but he did handle the press conference more firmly. He made his statement without apology, made a token effort to answer questions, and walked when he didn't like the reporters' attitude. I wasn't happy that he made a veiled threat against the freedom of the press, but that's better than martial law. (Which reminds me, has it been revoked yet?)

While Baltar complains that Six is casting his lot in with the Cylons, I don't think he can be one of the 12 models, because she's gone on at such length about him being the human father of their half-breed child. Like Helo, if he's a Cylon, then the whole arc is moot.

Caprica Sharon definitely has more sense of her Cylon identity; in the holding cell she's even starting to lapse into that half-mythical argot which Six uses most of the time. But she tells Roslin sharply that she's not reporting to the Collective in real time: "It doesn't work like that, I'm not wired in!" So why doesn't Roslin ask how it does work? On Caprica, Sharon told Kara "I didn't access that data" on the farms. Okay, what data DID you access? How? How regularly are you connected? Are all the others connected? How did you conceive with Helo when you're a machine? Why did you take up with Helo when every other Cylon has tried to murder every other human? What do you know about Adama's shooting? For frack's sake, why is your race trying to slaughter ours and how do we get them to stop?

The very first half-cooperative Cylon is in the middle of a group which has a military captain, a shrewd politician, and a paranoid terrorist, and not one of them is even attempting to get some intel out of her? That's a big annoying plot hole. Roslin is thinking tactically enough to use Sharon's "emotions" against her as blackmail, so why doesn't she think to have someone interrogate her?

Helo, you're very cute, but you're not very bright. How exactly did you think people were going to react when you revealed that one of their pilots, someone who'd been part of Galactica for like two years, was a Cylon? Even not knowing about the assassination attempt, the Cylons annihilated most of the human species. He saw how Kara reacted in the museum. Helo himself was ready to kill her. Why did he think that because he's softened, that everyone else would? If he'd spent half a second thinking about it, he would have left Sharon on the ship and tried to explain what was going on first, and then brought her in.

I really thought either Kat or Hotdog was going to buy it in that asteroid-shooting scene...

Sigh. Zarek appears to be picking up his billy club of violence again instead of continuing with the scalpel of politics. I'm disappointed. I'd hoped he'd be more subtle than that, that he'd continue to walk the line without committing to either side. It's more interesting that way.

I don't mind if Lee and Kara get together -- at least they're going about it like adults, and staying in character. He's quiet and somewhat sensitive, she's a brash tomboy, they play well together. But adding the triangle with the Triad captain, or a square with Baltar (ew!), is on the road to BSG: Telemundo, and we've already ruined one perfectly good sci-fi franchise that way.

While I'm not exactly celebrating Elosha's death, I think that it means that once the Arrow business is concluded, Roslin will wrap up her prophetic duties and this particular religious arc will be retired. The compare-and-contrast between the Kobolian faith and the Cylon god are interesting, but the repeated references to literal scripture are starting to get old.

I thought that they Colonials needed special BMF bullets to take out the centurions? Or did they make sure to arm everyone with the correct ammo just in case?

The camera work with Adama in the hallway making his decision was nice, but reeeeeally obvious. Go forward or go back? Go left or go right? Crossroads. Jeez, did the directors use up their whole bag of tricks already that they have to use something so blunt?

I found another connection which I didn't know existed: I was reading a book of Greek myths and came across Thrace, which I'd forgotten was a "periphery" (roughly a province or state) at the far northeastern tip of Greece, bordering on Turkey. Ron Moore is really having fun with names and cultures.

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