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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Home, Part 2"

So the Sharon who was on Galactica is dead, and the Sharon who was on Caprica is now on Galactica. I guess we can drop to Sharon for now, or Pregnant Sharon for clarity.

I didn't mind that Adama and Co. were looking over the maps to figure out where Roslin's group was, but the cutting back and forth and the got-it-in-one guessing was too pat for me. I guess some things have to be compressed in the name of dramatic movement. (Or maybe it's another tick in the "Gaeta's a Cylon" column, since he's the one who leads most of the convenient assumptions.)

The Kobolian scriptures are calligraphied? by hand? They have the printing press, for pete's sake. Or was that just the font traditionally used? Or are they copies of the original scrolls as written?

Interesting that both Roslin and Adama are willing to work on the principle of "I don't necessarily believe X, but the person I'm trying to outwit does, so I'll behave the same way in order to use that against the person."

I like Adama more all the time. He shows his leadership here again. He points out to Tigh, correctly, that the current political/military crisis is founded in a disagreement between himself and Roslin. If that's resolved, the crisis is resolved. So he'll take the minimum necessary staff and go, himself, to put an end to the whole mess. He's not afraid to admit his mistakes. I'm not happy that he continues to insist that he doesn't second-guess himself, but at least that doesn't mean he's unwilling to reverse a decision if he later thinks it's the right thing to do. His relationships with his son and his foster daughter are strong enough to transcend whatever tactical disagreements they have. He embraces Lee and even chokes up a little, because this is his son, dammit, and their argument can be settled some other time. Same with Kara: yes, she disobeyed him, but he loves her and at that moment he's only glad to see her alive. Courts-martial can wait.

What did Sharon mean by "we know more about your religion than you do?" Do they have access to older literature, or are these more "revelations" from the Cylon god?

I commented earlier that Six's clothing coverage might be reflective of her tactics or her plan at any given moment -- she dressed more conservatively on Kobol because she was championing motherhood, and at that point Baltar was in no condition to be seduced by flimsy dresses. If she was completely naked, was she revealing something crucial, or making herself vulnerable? The Starbuck Look was definitely a costume to distract and rattle Baltar while getting his attention at the same time. (and kudos to Makeup and Wardrobe for such a frighteningly good job. I did a real double-take; for a moment I thought Six had actually changed faces! Kudos also to Helfer, who mimicked Sackhoff's delivery and mannerisms beautifully.) He announces that Six (the Siren) is no longer his fantasy woman, but brings up Kara again, so Six changes to look like Kara until he rejects the idea that the Kara-Six image represents. When she shows up as the Siren again, he's ready to re-accept the message which goes with that look, and so she reclaims her position as his ideal.

She's still rampaging with doubletalk, though. I'm a woman, I'm a Cylon, I'm a chip in your head, I'm your psychotic guilt manifesting itself, I'm a guardian angel. No wonder Baltar is trying to chuck it all and walk away. I hardly believe anything she says any more. I'm still thinking he has an implant. She deliberately encouraged him to get a brain scan. What if the chip is somewhere else?

Speaking of other sleeper or hidden agents, note that Billy was the only one to be whisked to Starhenge who had no comment, no purpose, and nothing to contribute. When the Cylons find out about the route to Earth, as they inevitably will, will it be because Billy is a Cylon and told the groupmind? Roslin was happy to take him back, even though he didn't support her mission to Kobol. (The actor wasn't available for a few weeks; it wasn't just plot-related.) That allows him to hear (and pass on) all manner of secrets again.

Nice flapping cheeks on Adama and Billy as the Raptor goes through the atmosphere...but why didn't Roslin's group hear the sonic boom? When the rescue teams came down for Chief's survivors, there were two booms for the two ships.

Clear symbolism to Roslin's group settling down for the night: Lee and Kara, Helo and Sharon, Zarek and Goon, Roslin by herself with the Scriptures. (The extra Goon was on guard duty.) No doubts about whose loyalty lies with whom in this batch.

Lee makes a good point to Kara: "Sharon was a friend of yours too." Almost anyone could be a Cylon, a traitor, a murderer waiting to strike. That's what's so insidious about the humanoid Cylons. Their very existence creates paranoia, because until someone declares him- or herself as a Cylon, you don't really know if s/he is or not. Not even being in the credits is proof against that. Hell, I'm doing the same thing here in my commentaries, wondering who could be a hidden agent!

Once again, the Cylon provides an opening for intelligence gathering, and once again, the least intelligent Colonial whiffs the ball. Pregnant Sharon wasn't the one on Galactica, but she "remembers" everything Galactica Sharon did. So, how? How much? Does she remember shooting Adama? Does she remember dying? She clearly remembers Chief -- she whispers "I've got to see you" -- and so, we presume, some of their pre-genocide romance. Helo just doesn't want to look that closely, or he'll have to face being in love with a toaster, and I don't think he can handle the absolute truth of that.

I was glad to hear that Roslin was being literal when she said she couldn't think about Caprica "right now." She did bring it to Adama promptly, even before getting off Kobol. She was not blowing Kara off. (Does that mean another trip back? Are we ever going to move on from this stinkin' system already?)

Even though Baltar claims that he's tired of Six's games and secrets, he says "god has a plan for me." So does he, in fact, actually believe in the Cylons' god? He did believe Six after all? Is he just so egomaniacal that he'll follow whatever dogma offers him the most personal glory?

While I don't demand that everything always be spelled out, I was disappointed that we didn't get a little more of the conversation between Roslin and Adama settling the issues of mutiny, betrayal, sedition, arrest, military coup, martial law, and dissolving the government. He forgave her, but did she forgive him? What did they tell the public? Are Lee and Kara facing any punishments?

I know it's for the suspense of the audience, but this "Trust me, Helo" crap is getting old. If Sharon wants to be trusted, she's got to stop being mysterious. What purpose did it serve for Helo not to know what was going to happen? Is he really so stupid that Sharon thought he would tear off and shoot Zarek's goons before they revealed themselves? And why did she deliberately use the same stance as Galactica Sharon? That's not attention-getting, that's asking to be shot. Was she trying to cancel out what the other Sharon did by mimicking her actions but ending the standoff the other way? Does anyone besides Helo really believe that she has no ulterior motives or no possible anti-human programming?

And Sharon whines that the humans think she's "not a person." Well, her species started as machines, they still behave a lot like drones, at least 1/12th of their breeds look like machines -- what does she expect? If the Cylons wanted to be treated as equal, sentient beings, genocide was not the best opening approach. I think she's using this as a ploy to keep Helo on the hook.

Zarek's back to walking the line again. His goon was much too eager to commit a political assassination; I'm getting the feeling that while Zarek isn't loathe to use violence, he does think of it as a lesser resort: "Getting blood on your hands is a lot harder than washing it off." He prefers to work either within the system or to overthrow the system by voice, not force. He is a revolutionary in a more literal sense. Winning people's hearts and minds -- making converts who choose to walk with you -- is more powerful, and more lasting, than terrorizing people into following you.

Any symbolism to the idea that the Archer, Sagittarius, needed the Arrow to display Starhenge, and the Sagittarons are Zarek's rebels?

I thought the sundry constellations of our zodiac are available only during specific times of the year, which led to the dates being associated with the signs. I guess Starhenge was completely representative? Certainly those constellations in the sky were as artificial as fireworks.

So martial law has been officially lifted, right? It'd be nice to hear the words....

SCI-FI has every right to be proud of their original series like BSG2K and the Stargates. The movies of the week, though, leave several IQ points to be desired. Mansquito? Pterodactyl? Giant sentient eels? Homicidal nanobots? Surely they could acquire the rights to more series if they really needed to fill the holes in the schedule...

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