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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Flight of the Phoenix"

Chief chooses action over despair, because even inertia is forward movement. Adama trusts Sharon about as far as he can kick her, but when she's served her purpose, he boots her toaster butt back down to the brig. Some beautiful editing work this week -- the cuts were really inspired, with movement from one flowing into the next so that it seemed the context was linked. And no Six at all, to my surprise. Wonder what she was whispering in Baltar's ear while he was working on the virus. A few predictable turns, but well-done nonetheless.

By the way Chief was stroking the ship, and the way his thoughts kept going back to Galactica Sharon, I thought that was her ship, but hubby insists she only ever flew a Raptor, not a Viper.

Ouch! Poor Helo. We see him as sympathetic because we were with him for a season and a half, but the other pilots see him as a traitor, as literally sleeping with the enemy. Kara trusts him because he rescued her, but what does she think of Sharon? Is she less hostile to Helo because she's less hostile to the Cylon?

I spent a summer in Italy with my two sisters, and we had one deck of cards. By the end of August we could read that from the back too. Plus the seven of diamonds was from a red deck while the rest of the deck was blue, so that one might as well have been face up all the time.

At first I thought Helo and Chief were going to bond in some way, because they're the only two who could have understood one another: they're the only two who loved a Sharon, who had a woman they loved turn out to be something else altogether. But they did need to have it out, as I noted in previous commentaries. Chief is a bundle of mixed emotions -- jealousy, grief, bitterness, a queasy relief that "the freak in her belly" isn't his even though he wanted children with the Sharon he thought he knew. (I wonder if any unit argued for a Plan B of creating many more than 12 models and breeding the humans out rather than slaughtering them?) Helo's a convenient target, but not necessarily the right one, as even Chief concedes.

Nice symmetry between Adama fussing over Dee and Dee hovering over Adama when he was shot...

I still think Gaeta's a Cylon! They have only his word on this virus and the code at first. What if he helped plant it?

Why is Tigh such a jerk? The goodwill he engendered by making good decisions under fire (not when he was in command) is being eroded by his hardass attitude and constant yelling. I kept wanting to smack him.

My five bucks are now on Roslin getting a miracle cure by episode three of the winter season.

When you take the oxygen out of a room but leave the nitrogen and carbon dioxide, you get... nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. That's why Kara was giddy when Hotdog passed out in the firing range room. (We did call the shoot-the-window solution early on.) Does Helo or Sharon know that Sharon's face is now stenciled onto the firing targets? And why the cute over-the-shoulder pose and not, say, a copy of her service ID?

See, if the Colonial Fleet were working on Macs instead of Windows, they wouldn't be having this spyware problem. The last Mac virus, worm, or spyware that I remember was written back in 1995.

Somehow, I wasn't too worried about the virus, maybe because the characters didn't seem too threatened. If they'd jumped the fleet to some other location, or if the guns had randomly started firing on Galactica or on other ships, I actually would have been concerned. And the posse of Raiders showed up too late in the hour to do any real damage.

When Sharon looked at the strings of numbers and her face flatlined, I thought at first it had triggered some dormant program despite her protestations that she doesn't have any -- or that she "remembered" Galactica Sharon setting some software booby trap. Maybe she was just overwhelmed with deciphering what the code meant? She went machine for a minute?

She apparently really does want to help, which makes Adama's repeated hostility jarring. The audience keeps whipsawing in their sympathies, or we're asked to like and support both people on opposite sides of a deadly argument. We're asked to regard and like Sharon as a person, but to remember that Adama has every reason to see her as a homicidal toaster. She could be sending a virus to the Raiders, or she could be sending everything in Galactica's computers.

Chief tells Tigh he's making moonshine to trade for engine parts. Tigh predictably arranges for him to get an engine...and then takes a jar of moonshine.

I wasn't surprised to see Sharon brought up to CIC with the choke collar, but after Cally's stunt, the halls should have been cleared. Period. There's no reason everyone can't be out of that section for five minutes.

It was a little freaky to hear this copy of the woman they knew referring to everyone in such a familiar way. I thought Dee was going to tell Sharon coolly that she should be addressed as Petty Officer Dualla -- or at least demand the knife back when Sharon was done -- but she just took it. (and Gaeta didn't flinch! and addressed her by name! I'm tellin' ya, he's a Cylon.)

Leeetle bit of Christ imagery with Sharon jamming the needle into her hand (eek!) and the blood dripping onto the floor, but that's the religious side which the Cylons are taking. Wasn't she worried about the virus getting to the sprog? Or was that part of what she was supposed to be doing, or something she wanted to do? Did the offspring get an info dump while she was sending the virus back to the Raiders? They sacrificed two Raiders last week for Xenanne's footage; it's not inconceivable that they'd be willing to give up a fleet to get something critical to the child. And then it's more fuel for the fire that the humans pounce on and slaughter the defenseless, powerless Raiders (even though the Cylons were planning to use Galactica against itself -- that doesn't count). Did it bother Sharon to take out a whole fleet of her people? (Even though she says to Helo "the Cylons are coming after us," she has also said straight out that she is a Cylon, and isn't ashamed of that.) Moogie wanted to know why the Colonials didn't grab a few of the Raiders for more study before shooting all the fish in the barrel.

Okay, the Cylons are so evolved that we can't tell them from human on casual or even close medical inspection. We need a special sophisticated machine. But Sharon just jams the fiberoptic into her wrist and she's live with the universe. Doesn't that hint that some part of her nervous system looks or behaves mechanically? Or is somehow simply, visibly not human? I would like to start getting some more information on how the Cylons were "created" and "evolved" and how, biologically speaking, they could eventually conceive with a human.

Are they going to build more Blackbirds? Will that be any kind of tactical advantage against the Cylons? Is someone going to yell at Kara for disappearing like that and scaring the hell out of everyone? If she was hiding right in front of Lee (which I didn't get until someone else pointed it out to me; I thought she'd jumped to lightspeed and then came back) and he'd started up his engines and blasted off, he would have plowed right into her. Isn't that reckless flying, and therefore disciplinable? Was Kara still suffering from the nitrous oxide poisoning? It's a Starbuck thing to do, but in this BSG actions have consequences.

Was it Sharon's idea to use the carbon composite for ship skin, I wonder? Is that why Helo didn't thank Racetrack for coming around?

I thought they were going to name the ship Phoenix, but I guess that was just episode name symbolism. So the question now is, what other phoenixes flew? The Cylon virus? Did Sharon send something back to the groupmind through the link besides the virus? Was it even a virus, or a command which they willingly followed? The second half of this season starts in January, and I'd like to start seeing more of the Cylon side of the puzzle already.

Dangling plot threads as we head into the break: What happened with Sharon's bleeding from last week? What brought that on? Is it going to happen again? I thought Kara was going to insist that a rescue team go back to Caprica and the other colonies to get Anders, but that seems to have disappeared (and she's not too worried about it if she's playing cards). And what about that second operation in the vicinity of Kara's ovaries? What's the damn Plan already and how do machines conceive? How were the Cylons created in the first place? If Baltar is VP, has he gotten even another minute of briefing? What is he officially working on, fixing the Cylon detector? When is someone going to interrogate Sharon sufficiently to get some answers? What are the Colonials planning on doing with the cybrid (™ Moulin Rouge, thanks again!) sprog when she's born?

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