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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Exodus, part 1"

Arg. More "previously" clips which never happened! That really annoys me. Granted that it's useful to the narrative, why couldn't they have run it last time when it actually was supposed to occur? On the other hand, I'm not as peeved by the time card saying such-and-such happened an hour earlier, and giving us the same scene from a different angle.

Seeing it the second time, nice echo of Tigh's single eye, staring wide-eyed at Lady MacTigh. And it looks like she's about to confess when Tyrol barges in...

Okay, Mr. Underwear Model has been given enough to do that he can have his name now. He's still fairly bland-looking, but the various pilots and redshirts aren't any more or less interesting, and at least he has some function right now as a resistance head.

Maybe I just didn't hear it last week when Sharon says to Anders "It's been a long time" and he answers "Funny, I feel like I see you every day." I caught her wry expression, but not his remark.

Why "Breeders Canyon"? what bred there? And it looks helluva lot more temperate and inviting than the Mongolian desert steppes where New Caprica was stuck. Why didn't they put the city in the canyon instead? Does that little crick flood?

Several layers in this episode show Sharon's loyalty is now truly with the Colonials: she sends part of her team off to locate where she guesses (correctly) the bullethead ambush will be, she legs Threena and supports Adama, and refuses to give up her dog tags even though it could compromise her safety. What will happen if she finds out about her daughter? (Does Adama actually know? or did Roslin and Cottle keep it even from him? The transfer happened on Colonial One.)

Jammer took off his mask during the Death Row convoy raid and ran off...wonder where to?

So Roslin is calling Zarek "Tom." In extremis? Since Baltar is beyond ever being trusted again, is she going to eye Zarek as a new political partner? At least possibly the respected opposition? He did refuse to work with the Cylons, so that should earn him some points with the populace if they ever get off this rock.

Awww, poor Brother Cy, shot in the gut and left to bleed in the sun. I suppose it doesn't make any difference that he was carting fifty-odd people to a remote location to be gunned down like sheep at the time...

What is that thing on the baby's face in Threena's dream? It looks like she has a gypsy moth caterpillar crawling into her mouth. (Do Cylons dream of cloned sheep? Now we know.)

Awww, poor Baltar can't get it up, even for a resurrected Rebel Six! (and that answers my question from last week about whether they'd reconnected.) Is his guilt and fear finally crushing even his vaunted sense of self-importance? But then Rebel Six starts to grouse, much like Brother Cy does, about how much she's given up for Baltar. He sneers wearily that "with the occupation and everything, I can't say I've given it much that much thought." The Cylons really do think this forced occupation and torture counts as "living in peace with humans." They genuinely believe that it's just the ornery, obstinate, heathen, toilet-paper-lacking humans who are thwarting the Cylons' attempt at harmony. And what has Rebel Six given up, anyway? Prestige? Power? She's still in the inner circle, it seems. She hasn't been boxed yet. What does she have to complain about?

Katee Sackhoff, slightly embarrassed to pick up her paycheck this week. Callum Keith Rennie's agent, slavering over the "special guest star" credit for a non-speaking flyby...

James Randi, professional skeptic and paranormal debunker, frequently points out that people delude themselves into thinking they have some kind of predictive or telepathic ability, or that a horoscope means something, because they remember the "hits" (the instances which are right) but they always forget the hundreds of other times which were wrong. Threena does that here: the Oracle on Delphi Street sucks her in with a vague prophecy (although in the show's mythos, the Kamala actually does give real visions) and then tacks on a warning at the end -- Threena will hold the baby and know true love, but will lose everything -- and Threena only bothers to pay attention to the part she likes. There's another Greek term for that: hubris.

And again, what "everything" is being lost? Is keeping the humans under their collective thumb like this part of the Cylon plan which the credits keep reminding us of? I thought interbreeding with humans to create the next generation of God's children was a major part of "the plan," but Sharon and Helo's baby was the only proven success (I'm not counting Kacey). If that's the goal, why aren't they setting up breeding camps? The only Cylon male we know is sleeping with a human female is the Brother Cy shtupping Lady MacTigh, who's well beyond breeding age. The Cylons keep emphasizing to one another what they've lost and given up in this occupation. Creepy as it is, the Doral in the High Council is right: they could just wipe the planet clean if they wanted to.

Speaking of Sharon and Helo's baby, Moogie pointed out that if Threena is looking for her as "the child of two peoples," then clearly Kacey is not any kind of chosen one -- more evidence that she's not a cybrid as Buckin' Leoben claims.

Whoa, can the Colonials afford to waste salt by dumping it on the deck like that? or is a necessary part of the ritual they did? And are those all the pilots and engineering staff left on the two battlestars?

Why 18 hours? Howinhell do they expect to evacuate thirty-seven thousand people off the planet and away from the Cylons in less than a day? I was figuring like two weeks before a rendezvous with Pegasus! (then we started taking bets on how long Lee will wait past the deadline before he jumps back to New Caprica to save Adama.)

I find it a little revolting that Threena so casually talks to Jake the dog, whose bowl was used as a signal to the insurgents. But I imagine we're supposed to feel that way.

If Brother Cy is griping about his third download, Leoben has got to be either some amazing actor or one tough SOB to be so casual about Kara killing him five times in a row.

Yet another flip of audience identification: until now, we've cheered as the Colonials/New Capricans struck back at the Cylons, but then Sharon walks through the city and someone throws a bottle at her, and we wince with her. And she can't identify herself, of course, and it might not help even if she did. Who would believe her?

Hera (sister and wife to Zeus, king of the Greek gods) is now called Isis, who was sister and wife to Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Isis bore and reared a son. Horus, in secret to hide him from her brother, and she had all manner of mother-protector imagery. Just some food for thought.

Was the scene with Roslin and Anders current time, or a few months ago? Moogie thinks it was a flashback to establish where Maya and Isis have been the last few months, but she's wearing the same hat and looks the same age. (I know, child actor.)

So not only has Roslin organized all thirty-seven-thousand-odd people to evacuate, she's had them run dress rehearsals?! They should re-elect her on the strength of her organizational skills alone. Then again, if she can keep kindergarteners in line, several thousand panicking adults should be a walk in the park.

Lady MacTigh is so screwed. We figure the Tighs are done for. If she didn't have a history of sleeping around, and could have held it together to tell Tigh calmly that she was acting for tactical reasons, he might have bought it. But for her to betray him with a Cylon -- and to protest with her usual crying-wolf hysteria -- she's gone.

Okay, so all the launch keys are kept in one box in one room in one building which can be accessed by one voiceprint? Even with an armed insurgency going on? Which features folks who aren't afraid to blow themselves up? Not very tactically sound of the Cylons.

I'm beginning to think the Cylons are like the Q -- none of them have names, but they can all identify one another as individuals on sight. Maybe they all smell different, or they can see in infragreen or something and have some sort of unique frequency only visible in a part of the spectrum we can't see. Threena looks at Sharon and knows her instantly.

And from Sharon's remarks, both in legging Threena and in connecting with the database to find out where the launch keys are, we have more evidence that there isn't an ongoing groupmind, but more likely some gestalt which memories get uploaded to when a personality dies, and which get shared to other copies of that number when the new units download. It doesn't explain the "we agree"s of the High Council, but that could just be a royal we or a mouthpiece we.

Tyrol is an insurgency head. None of the rebels think it's odd that he's seen talking with an Eight?

That is a great speech Adama makes, about the people serving beside you and telling the tale to grandchildren, but he's damn good at making speeches. (And Moore and Co. are damn good at writing them, let's point out. And applaud.)

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