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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "The Passage"

Not a lot to say about this one. It was a good serviceable character piece, but the more interesting mythology arc was a C-plot at best.

Although it's not touched on further in this episode, the idea that already-limited food supplies could be tainted, or otherwise lost, is a real problem for the Fleet. Moore has never mentioned the "agro ships" which Classic BSG had. And what is the algae being "processed" into? MRE mush? Protein bars?

I wonder: did Athena somehow download Boomer's Raptor-piloting skills, or did she learn on her own during the New Caprica year?

Aha, so my speculation was apparently right -- Threena has been getting herself offed and downloading repeatedly. But Rebel Six makes it sound as though only some of the others have noticed, not all of them. Or maybe only some of them care. And wouldn't the Welcoming Committee notice the same personality showing up after, like, the third or fourth go-round? Is she resurrecting alone? Wouldn't that be noticed? Wouldn't it be logged somewhere that this basestar is going through an alarming number of Three bodies?

The macguffin plot of the jump didn't interest me much. I was a bit more intrigued by the suggestion that Kat was another Cylon plant somehow.

But honestly, whatever she did before the attacks as Sasha, she earned the identity of Kat in the last two years. She learned how to fly a Viper and then a Raptor. She learned to lead people and become a CAG. All of that she did on her own, without any reliance on the former identity of "Louanne Katraine." And even, by some chance, if Starbuck is right, and she and Slacker Boy did inadvertently smuggle Cylons around -- so what? They would never have done it deliberately, and there was no way to know before the attacks that Cylons looked like humans. How can Starbuck accuse her of treason? How long can your past be held against you? How long can pre-attack actions be counted in a post-attack existence?

And frankly, why? What does it serve? Did she want to pull Kat from flying duty? Court-martial her? They had no one to replace her. Starbuck was waving her metaphorical genitalia around because she could, because Kat has always been something of a threat to Starbuck's reputation and popularity, because in her brashness and ambition she reminds Starbuck of herself -- of the parts she doesn't like. She doesn't like how Kat makes her feel, so she tries to slap Kat down. It's beyond pointless.

Is Tigh XO again? Does Adama have two XOs now, or was Helo demoted after killing the Cylons prisoners a few weeks ago? (I like the consistency that Gaeta is still pissed at him. It's good not to forget these things, dramatically speaking.)

So why does Kat go back for another round of escort duty, and swap her radiation telltale with Helo's? I guess Starbuck's rant made her feel like she had nothing to offer the Fleet, or that she was going to be cashiered anyway, so she might as well go out doing something meaningful. And she does save the last ship, which is a bit of atonement for losing the first one. (brr! macguffin or not, that was fairly horrible.)

I love that Adama and Tigh get the giggles. :D That was just such an awesome beat.

I thought I did see a bearded face reminiscent of Baltar's in Threena's drawings. But I reeeeeeeally hope he's not a Cylon. That would screw up so much of the character's development. Moore can't cheat like that. I do like that Baltar wants it in a way -- " would stop being a traitor to one set of people, and be a hero to another." He knows what he's betrayed, and regrets it, although not enough to make him change his future behavior.

Baltar's leap of interpretation of the hybrid's koans was just a wee bit too convenient -- I'll buy the "eye of the husband of the eye of the cow," if the hybrid knows enough about the local star maps to understand the nomenclature, the mythology, and the metaphor, but "the hand" becoming "the unseen five" was too much of a stretch.

Starbuck is just enough of an officer, just mature enough, to apologize to Kat before she dies, so I give her credit for that (and for offering her the pills in mercy). But she's not strong enough to sit with her like Adama does. That's an even greater gift than making her CAG for the last few hours of her life -- she dies with honor, but she also doesn't die alone. And Adama shows no awkwardness, has no strained pauses, doesn't start spouting clichés or bromides, just starts making conversation. I suppose if she was his CAG for the year the civilians were on New Caprica, they're probably fairly close, professionally speaking, so it's not a surprise, but it's a good, kind gesture from Adama.

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