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Battlestar Galactica 2K
Episode Commentaries, Season Two
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Season 2, part 1aaa


15 July 05

Six informs Baltar that the Nightmare on Kobol Street sprog is theirs (I can't wait to see how they're going to explain that one). Tigh panics and manages to get Galactica separated from the fleet with a basestar between them. Adama doesn't die.

Valley of Darkness

22 July 05

Baltar inches farther off the deep end. Centurions board Galactica but manage not to blow her up. The Makeup Department orders another tanker of fake blood and 22 extras earn their SAG cards playing Corpse In Corridor. Kara invites Helo up to her apartment to listen to some classical music. No really. Adama doesn't die.


29 July 05

Crashdown takes it like a man, or at least like a man from Saving Private Ryan. The government and the press fight the law, and the martial law wins. Six -- the fundamentalist Cylon -- offers to be the conscience for Baltar, which might almost be a marginal improvement. Adama doesn't die.

Resistance 5 Aug 05

War makes strange bedfellows, and makes bedfellows strange. Kara and Helo find a few survivors on Caprica, including a Triad team. Tigh loses it, barely regains it, and is finally figuring out how much of it is Lady MacTigh's fault. Cally forces Baltar to help Chief, at a high price. Lee, Roslin, and Elosha get by with a little help from their friends... who now include Tom Zarek. Adama finally wakes up.

The Farm 12 Aug 05 Kara Scully and Helo Mulder discover the Cylons got impatient waiting for primae noctis and took matters into their own appendages. Caprica Sharon returns, we meet Human Model #5, and Adama continues persecuting Saint Roslin. Lee bends, unable to bring himself to break.
Home, Part 1 19 Aug 05 Helo surprises Lee and Roslin with another Sharon. Roslin surprises Helo by threatening to airlock Pregnant Sharon. Sharon surprises Roslin by offering to take them to the Tomb of Athena. Lee surprises Kara with a deflected declaration of affection. Dee surprises Adama by speaking her mind, and his conscience. Adama surprises Tigh with his choice of Squadron Leader. Birch surprises Adama by screwing up repeatedly and spectacularly. The Cylons surprise the Away Team by shooting them up. Elosha surprises everyone by getting herself killed.
Home, Part 2 26 Aug 05 Adama extends the olive branch to Roslin and followers. The Tomb of Athena (to whom olive trees are sacred) turns out to be full of stars. Olive, the other Sagittaron conspirator, takes a bullet for sowing mutiny. Pregnant Sharon and Helo both reaffirm "Olive you." Six stuffs Baltar so full of psychobabble that his brain finally pickles.
Final Cut 9 Sep 05 Xenanne Amanpour (later revealed to be Human Model #6) roams Galactica filming a little more than a documentary, a little less than a reality show. Someone finally gets Lady MacTigh to shut up.
Flight of the Phoenix 16 Sep 05 Galactica is revealed to be running Windows, because Gaeta has to wipe the drives and restore from system disks to remove the Cylon spyware. Chief takes up ship-building as a hobby.
Pegasus 23 Sep 05 Ensign Ro has been busy since she left the Maquis, raising Cain all the way up to Admiral, and managing to skim the scum of humanity for her crew. (Hell, even Baltar shows more compassion.) Adama stews while several key cast members stage various forms of rebellion.
Sheldon waiting for BSG
Season 2, part 2
Resurrection Ship, Part 1 6 Jan 06

A brief Viper standoff sends both Adama and Cain to the principal's office. Cain promotes Kara, demotes Lee, and is revealed to be a pirate and a murderer. Helo and Chief don't die. Gina moves. The big spiky ship is a Cylon xerox machine. Adama asks Kara if she's Abel.

Resurrection Ship, Part 2 13 Jan 06 Blindsides abound: both leaders call off their assassinations, Lee finds himself longing for a lake in the fjords, Baltar rolls a hard Six, Gina asks Cain if she's feeling lucky, Adama gets a promotion, Roslin gets a smooch, and Kara comes not to bury Cain but to praise her. Many cool explosions.
Epiphanies 20 Jan 06 The writers crib a literal deus ex machina out of VOY's playbook to save Roslin. Gina joins the Passive Aggressive Resistance, and Baltar (unsurprisingly) is a sympathizer. Roslin manages to piss off both enemy-allies (Sharon and Baltar).
Black Market 27 Jan 06 Murder, assault, slavery, child prostitution, bribery, starvation, extortion, thievery -- Zarek's and Baltar's political maneuverings are the least of the day's evils.
Scar 3 Feb 06 Kara's past actions return to bite her in the ass in various ways, and she learns that losing the post of Top Gun can be a real pain in the Kat.
Sacrifice 10 Feb 06

Dee dumps Billy to take up with Lee, which is very confusing because she previously dumped Lee to take up with Billy. Adama tries to beat a dead corpse. Kara screws up again. Billy dies. Lee doesn't.

The Captain's Hand 17 Feb 06 Lee shows his sense and flexibility by managing to win over the Pegasus bridge crew, the Pegasus's flight instructor, and incidentally command of the Pegasus. Roslin creates a booming problem.
Downloaded 24 Feb 06

Bad times comin' down for the original Boomer and Six, who have been the enemy who are now us. The cybrid baby is born and appears to die, but doesn't really.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1 3 Mar 06 Roslin, Baltar, Ghost Six, and Zarek play "One state, two state, red state, blue state." Chief is afraid he's the Cylon in the pylon. Kara finds her boy toy does 2(x)ist after all.
Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2 10 Mar 06

I'm giving this 5 for the first hour and another 5 for the last half hour, since that essentially became a new show! The Cylons claim "oops, that whole genocide thing was a mistake -- our bad." Roslin tries tactics, guile, pleading, and finally cheating to keep Baltar from the Octagon Office, and loses. President Baltar (choke) drags the Fleet down to New Caprica, where he proceeds to wallow in his own debauchery for a year. Everyone else makes pairs and threes. The Cylons return, and President Weaseltar surrenders as the Adamas flee in whatever ships are left.

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