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Battlestar Galactica 2K
Episode Commentaries, Season Three
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Season 3
Occupation/ Precipice 6 Oct 06

The main cast struggles to survive in a new world ordered somewhere between Nazi Germany and post-Saddam Iraq. Weaseltar is barely even granted puppet status, Tigh leads the rebellion, Roslin quietly plots, and Tyrol and Mr. UM blow things (and people) up. Kara finds no matter how many times she's Leoben there, done that, the brainwashing attempts continue. Back on the ships, the Adamas strain to return to fighting trim, in more than one sense. Sharon is trust personified.

Exodus, part 1 13 Oct 06 Weaseltar finds he can't perform any of his duties. Brother Cy whines about tasting his own medicine when the rebels save the Death Row convoy. Threena gets a message from the Oracle on Delphi Street about her dream, but conveniently forgets the parts she doesn't like. Sharon takes a lesson from Malcolm and legs Threena. Adama shows how you really make a speech. Lady MacTigh gets caught with a bottle of Arabian perfume.
Exodus, part 2 20 Oct 06

Lee disobeys orders and rides in to save Adama's ass in exchange for Pegasus. Kara whacks Buckin' Leoben again, and Kacey changes hands. The Adamas pull off The Great Escape in exchange for Lady MacTigh, whose brief candle is out. Gaeta spares Baltar in exchange for sparing the city. The Cylons spare Baltar in exchange for his life... and Hera's.

Collaborators 27 Oct 06 Six Angry Colonials, led by a bloodthirsty Tigh, embark on a mission of vengeance. Baltar and Anders get walking papers. All Roslin wants is a little peace, love, and understanding.
Torn (part 1) 3 Nov 06

Several of Six's ships (and Six's sisters on the ships) are sick. Baltar babbles, blows off the beacon, and bobbles the ball. Kara cleans up and kisses Kacey. Lee loses latex lbs. Athena Agathon aims away from ailing. Tigh is too drunk to alliterate.

A Measure of Salvation (part 2) 10 Nov 06 Roslin and Adama somewhat reluctantly decide on an eye for an eye, a species for a species, but Helo thinks the needs of the few or the one outweigh the evils of the many. Baltar's tortured psyche fractures in so many directions he manages to out-babble Threena's religious claptrap.
Hero 17 Nov 06 Adama becomes the first recipient of the Ironic Cross.
Unfinished Business 1 Dec 06 Swing your partner, do-si-do, swing with someone else's partner, that's a no-no. Starbuck and Apollo finally frakkin' make up, and we get a glimpse of the early days on New Caprica when everyone was hooking up and pairing up, in between watching a whole bunch of folks beat each other up.
The Passage 8 Dec 06 Kara's curiosity inadvertently leads to the killing of Kat, by her own hand. But she dies a warrior.
Eye of Jupiter 15 Dec 06

The Threesome splinters over religious differences. Lee and Kara continue to show why fraternizing gets banned. Boomer tells Athena about Hera. Adama orders the hard six rolled.

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