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The "Battlestar Galactica 2K" Drinking Game

The rules are simple: when you see the event happening on screen, take the suggested number of drinks from your glass. Alcohol not required, for those whose age, local laws, beliefs, or budgets are prohibitive. Suggestions are welcome and will be credited.

One drink

Anyone says any variant of "frak": just kind of wave your glass at the screen.

We hear any other specialized vocabulary from Classic BSG, like "fumarello" or "Pyramid"

Someone lights up a cigar or cigarette

Adama gives someone a sleepy-eyed glower

Lee stammers, ducks his head, or otherwise looks nervous

Baltar answers Ghost Six and someone else with the same response

Ghost Six changes outfits mid-episode

Roslin mentions Kamala

We see more than one iteration of any Cylon model in the same episode (two Sharons, three Sixes, two Dorals, etc.)

Ghost Six mentions God

One of the Colonials swears by "gods"

Ghost Six somehow physically interacts with Baltar (kisses him, grabs his tie, slams him against a bulkhead, etc.)

We see Baltar's fantasy/memory house on Caprica

We see the legend "Cylon-occupied Caprica"

We see an eight-sided paper item (like photos, telemetry, memos)

Anyone takes off or puts on eyeglasses

Cylon and human play snugglebunnies

Two drinks

Roslin goes a solid minute without blinking (it's kind of disturbing once you realize she's doing it)

Adama gives someone a wide-eyed glower

Richard Hatch (Zarek) has a guest spot

Viper dogfight

Someone other than Baltar is engaged in intimate relations

A new character or object name has something to do with Greek mythology

Anyone mentions the Lords of Kobol by name

Lee, Kara, or Sharon are actually referred to by their Classic BSG call signs of Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer

Dean Stockwell has a guest spot

We meet a new Cylon model

Three drinks

Viper pilot dies in combat

Gunfire from hand-held guns

Adama raises his voice

We see the Wailing Wall (the corridor of photos of the dead)

We see a four-sided paper item (like a book)

Anyone says "felgercarb"

Someone other than Baltar, Kara, or Lee is engaged in intimate relations

We see any of the main or recurring characters in "civvies" (other than New Caprica)

Anyone calls Adama "Bill"

Anyone other than Lady MacTigh calls Tigh "Saul"

One of the Sixes dies

We see a Cylon "resurrect" and wake up from downloading in the glowy tank

Four drinks

Ghost Baltar shows up in Rebel Six's head again

We see Boxey

Someone mentions Zak

Patrick MacNee does any kind of guest shot


The entire series leaps ahead one year: CHUG

Baltar is revealed as the traitor who betrayed the Colonies, and can't weasel out of it: CHUG

Ghost Six's existence is confirmed and revealed: CHUG

We see a daggit: CHUG, pour yourself a fresh one, and CHUG again

Any time Tigh drinks something alcoholic: drink the same amount (you may wish to switch to non-alcoholic drinks for Season 3)