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What Other Trek Characters Would Focus On
If Affected by the OCD Singularity™

Picard: Polishes his head.

Data: Works on a painting of Spot. Becomes obsessed with getting a "life-like glint" in the cat's eyes. His hands become completely gummed with latex paint and thinner as he repeatedly paints and strips the canvas.

LaForge: Sees a sensor ghost in his VISOR. Takes it apart down to its component screws and circuits, then tries to reduce it to subatomic particles.

Worf: Has a hissy fit. Resigns from Starfleet. Has a crisis of conscience. Returns to Starfleet. Has a hissy fit...

Q: Kills Wesley and then brings him back to life so he can kill him again.
Dr. Crusher:
Screams "Oh my god! You killed Wesley! You omnipotent bastard!"

Bashir and O'Brien: Dig up mounds of research so they can recreate the Alamo in perfect scale and historical accuracy. Wind up in a huge fight about Santa Ana's hat.

Quark: Counts his latinum. Well, actually, how would we know if he were affected?

Odo: Tries to morph into every element in the periodic table. Gets hung up on the noble gases.

Dax: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Janeway: "Coffee. Black. No, 47 cups isn't too many. I like coffee, dammit!"

Torres: "Helm Boy. My upper workstation. NOW."
Paris: "Yes MA'AM!"

Holodoc: Keeps trying for the definitive rendition of Wagner's "Ring Cycle." Misses a note about a third of the way through and has to start over.

Kim: "These equations can get us home. I mean it. Just one more variable. I'm gonna do it. This is going to make transwarp work. We're going right across the quadrant. Just one more algorithim. I'll be home by dinner."

Seven: Oh, wait, they did that episode; it was called "The Voyager Conspiracy."

Kirk: Oh, wait, they did that episode too. Something about a cloud.

Scotty: realigns the dilithium crystals in an effort to increase engine efficiency. Then realigns all the workstation chairs. Then all the knobs and dials. Then he starts unscrewing the bolts holding the warp core to the floor so he can align that...

McCoy: works on the perfect mint julep. Although after about the tenth try, he doesn't particularly care if he gets it right or not.

Brannon Braga: "WOW, my girlfriend has big breasts, pouty lips, and a tiny waist. Wouldn't that be a great character for a 'Star Trek' spinoff?"