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Our Continuing Mission: To detail all the injuries, physical and psychological,
visited upon the various characters played by Connor Trinneer when's he's not Trip.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts."

As You Like It, Act 2, Scene VII, William Shakespeare

no damage serious damage !! dead

One Life to Live:
Zeus Zelenko #2 !!

Fazia sent a blurb from a Connor interview describing the role: "I think I was blown up, or fell down an elevator shaft, or was blown up while falling down an elevator shaft. Zeus was the lackey for the villain on the show. I'd forgotten there was a No. 1."

Wings of Gold

Pensacola: Wings of Gold: "Trials and Tribulations"
Lt. Kevin Willis

Plays the attorney of a Marine falsely accused of shooting the person her team was sent to rescue. She doesn't have much faith in him at the outset (and ultimately someone else finds the truly damning witness). The first of many delicious appearances in uniform, and not the only lawyer, either.

ER: "Sharp Relief"

Zips by the camera before the teaser, shouts a few lines, shows off that lovely nose.


Touched by an Angel: "Seek and Ye Shall Find"
Paul Ratcliff !!

Ratcliff is a convicted murder who finds God. He's executed, but gets to give a really moving speech beforehand. This marks the beginning of a pattern for our boy: making characters who should be despicable scumbags so sympathetic that we start rooting for them. Every time I see this clip I start tearing up.


Touched By an Angel


Sliders: "Prophets and Loss"

Connor is the leader of a group of rebels who are fighting an evil, corrupt theocracy which disappears its enemies in an "acension" (a personality-erasing brainwashing contraption), rather like if Pat Robertson were elected president and got his hands on the Carousel machine from Logan's Run. Gets sent through the disapparatus, but the Sliders help him escape.

FreakyLinks: "Three-Thirteen"

Plays a man whose eight-months-pregnant wife is haunted with increasing urgency by the spirit of a local missing girl. The physical trauma is hers, but he has to watch the seizures, possessed piano-playing, screaming, oil-vomiting, bleeding, and fainting. Enough damage for a full recap.


Gideon's Crossing: "The Way"
Steve Tedesco

Connor's character suffers from "priapism" (medical terminology for, uh, one of the unfortunate side effects of Viagra, although in this case he got it from too much bicycle riding). He spends a few scenes holding a briefcase and a hat box in front of him like he's trying to hide a pregnancy, because despite his intense embarrassment he doesn't want the doctors to touch him in order to treat him! Thanks to NX-Oner for the report.

61* :
NPC writer/reporter

Part of a group asking questions about whether Roger Maris's home run record should have an asterisk. Connor explained in an interview that he desperately wanted to be in the movie just because he loves baseball, and didn't care what role it was. Director Billy Crystal was there for his audition, and when Crystal started ad-libbing, Connor kept right up with him.

Far EastFar East:
Bob Munger

One of his early juicy roles, and it seemed to me like he was coming and going from some other, much more interesting play. (Which I would rather have seen than sit through the non-Connor parts of this.)

In Japan in the '50s, Bob Munger is a closeted intelligence officer who's blackmailed into selling secrets to the enemy. He's almost a tertiary character to the main story, but what little he has is riveting. Munger is forced to confess and to out himself, and the resultant disciplinary action keeps him from getting home to the States in time to be with his father before he dies. Gets dissed and then abandoned by his counsel (a mere pre-law student) and is the brunt of several really filthy insults. Maybe he should have hired Willis from "Wings of Gold." Enough damage for a full recap.

Enterprise: "The Crossing"
Trip Tucker

I include this because Trinneer himself was injured when battling Phlox's stunt guy. He got a small cut on his eyebrow which required a few stitches to close.

ENT: The Crossing


Numb3rs: "Toxin"
Bob McHugh

McHugh is a cattle rancher who allegedly shot a federal agent investigating beef tainted with antibiotics. He's been framed for the whole thing by the pharmaceutical company, and has been living on the lam for a few years. The main cast has to bring in guest sniper Lou Diamond Phillips to track him down. McHugh has a minor run-in with a barbed-wire fence, but ultimately surrenders without bloodshed when evidence is found to clear him. (Besides all the mugs and T-shirts with his face on them.)

Close To Home: "Privilege"
Eric Foster

Plays the public defender of a white supremacist serial killer. His client describes where he's hiding the bodies, and he has to go out to check. Withdraws from the case after a crisis of conscience to save another victim, and has to testify about the bodies in grim detail.

Close To Home

SGA Michael

Stargate: Atlantis: "Michael"
Lt. Michael Kenmore/Wraith

A Wraith who's been retrovirused to become human, or so his leftover human genes surface, or something. His memories are wiped by the initial drug treatment, so the SGA team invents an identity for him. Ronon roughs him up. Finds out what the team has done and is devastated by the betrayal. Stunned twice and shot once. Tied up. Reverts to Wraith-type, but retains human memories, so he's now in a kind of emotional limbo. More appearances to come. Enough damage for a full recap. (Bandwidth warning: Photo-intensive, over 40 screencaps.)

NCIS: "Jeopardy"
James Dempsey !!

James Dempsey and his brother Brian are drug runners for a South African cartel. When dopey li'l brother Brian gets arrested with a whole load of heroin, James kidnaps the head of the Navy investigative agency as a hostage to get him and the smack back, not knowing Brian died in custody. His sneering Afrikaner drug-runner "partner" insults him and chokes him, and he has one terrible moment of shock knowing his brother is dead before Mark Harmon takes him out.


SGA No Man's Land

Stargate: Atlantis: "No Man's Land"
Lt. Michael Kenmore/Wraith

Gets dissed and snubbed by Queenie, who won't share the latest gossip and who says he's only alive because she hasn't gotten that far down on her to-do list. His hivemates won't let poor Michael join in any Wraithdeer games. Gets dissed by Sheppard and Ronon, neither of whom entirely trust him. Ronon nearly blasts him. Possibly suffering about betraying the hive or the SGA team.

Stargate: Atlantis: "Misbegotten"
Lt. Michael Kenmore/Wraith

Stunned (again). DeWraithified (again). Memory wiped (again). Lied to and betrayed (again). The SGA team tries twice to completely destroy the camp where all the half-Wraiths are, but "oops, we didn't check for bodies!" so he's due to show up again at the end of Season 3.

SGA Misbegotten

Without a Trace

Without A Trace: "Fade Away"
Coach Robert Owens

Plays a jerk coach who's more interested in protecting his school basketball team's collegiate athletic chances than bringing a student rapist to justice, or finding the witness who's gone missing.

Criminal Minds: "Minimal Loss"
Dan Torre

Gets to be a good guy for once. He's a local LEO helping FBI agents to end a hostage situation at a cult compound. Not much screen time either, though.

Criminal Minds

SGA The Prodigal

Stargate: Atlantis: "The Prodigal"
Lt. Michael Kenmore/Wraith !!

Watches his (stolen) puddle-jumper get its ass bitten off by a random gate surge. Gets into fisticuffs twice, once with Ronon and once tag-teamed by Sheppard and Teyla. Sheppard shoots him in the chest somewhere, I think. Teyla says "I have HAD enough of YOU!" and boots him off the top of a very tall building. Probably dead... but once again, "oops! we didn't check for a body!" and this show has cloning, so ya never know.

TerminatorTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: "The Good Wound"
Sheriff Alvan McKinley !!

Sheriff McKinley is investigating a shooting which left "mystery woman" Sarah lurching around with a bullet in her thigh. The doctor who digs the bullet out also happens to be McKinley's ex (or possibly current, hard to tell). Turns out he's abusive and has threatened to kill the doc before, and she didn't report it because he's the sheriff. The doc gets Sarah's gun and ends a Mexican standoff with an Eric Clapton cover.

Connor's played several men in uniform, and a number of jerks, but I think this is the first jerk in uniform. He does continue his great tradition of coming down with a bad case of dead, however.

24 Day 724: "Day 7: 10:00-11:00 p.m."
Carl Gadsen

So Jack Bauer is after some evil stuff in a truck. The truck is in a shipping yard guarded by poor Carl, whom Jack threatens with a literal gun to his head. Jack then ties him up and slaps duct tape over his mouth, even though he's cooperating with this apparent madman.

Turns out that Carl knows about the evil stuff — or at least, he knows that the bad guys are trying to smuggle stuff. They told him it was electronics, and bribed him to look the other way (which bribe he accepted only because he and Mrs. Carl needed the money for fertility treatments).

To everyone's surprise, Jack doesn't shoot our boy. To no one's surprise, the bad guys do try to shoot our boy. Our boy manages to escape, and since he was cut from the other two eps he filmed, it seems it was a clean getaway.

Star Runners
Tycho Johns

Ty and his buddy, played by Ando from Heroes, are blackmailed into transporting another Precious Cargo across the galaxy. Much shooting, death, and large killer insects enuse. Tremors in space, basically. Full recap comng.

The Closer

The Closer: "Waivers of Extradition"
Jeffrey Webb

Plays a complete jackass, with a nice car, who gets smacked around by cops while he's briefly suspected of murder. Cleared by a receipt (no really). This 83-second scene resulted in Connor deciding to fire his manager for being unable to get him parts lasting longer than 83 seconds.

Lincoln Heights: "Home Again" and "Person of Interest"
Detective Kersey

Another cop, investigating whether a main character's boyfriend let his abusive stepfather die after an earthquake drops a fridge on the guy. Frankly, I wouldn't look a gift quake in the mouth, but I admit I was ffwding the TiVo for Connor's scenes, so I could be off.

Lincoln Heights

The Mentalist

The Mentalist: "Red Moon"
Deputy Bob Woolgar

Plays yet another LEO in a crisp uniform, with yet another Southern accent. The show's hero hoodwinks him easily, although in fairness the guy hoodwinks everyone on the show including his partner, the bad guy, and the bait for the bad guy. Very few lines. I thought Connor got a new agent to solve this problem?

Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars: "The New Normal"
Nick McCullers

He's the father of one of the titular teenyboppers, who misses out on the top spot on the swim team, and he starts shouting that she's the victim of discrimination because the titular teenybopper who did get the spot is gay. Said discrimination turns out not to be the case, and he gets dressed down by the mother of the better-swimming titular teenybopper. I think. I was ffwding a lot, since he was only in two scenes. I was actually a bit shocked that they cast him for this role, given that all the titular teenyboppers of both genders have such flawless, motionless, airbrushed faces, and Connor is, you know, a real person whose face moves.

NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles: "Empty Quiver"
NCIS Agent Boyle

Some kind of federal investigator, I think. Another four-line shot. Connor may need to fire the new agent if this is all he's getting.

The Protector: "Help"
Tom Fowler

Plays a man whose wife was so severely injured by a mugger that she's been comatose for months, and then he methodically hunts down and kills four bystanders who literally stood by and did nothing while the scumbag kicked his wife's head in. I have to admit, if someone did that to my beloved, I'd be out there with a gun myself. This one was on Lifetime, so the ffwd button got a serious workout. But he had two whole scenes!

The Protector

Photos: Hoshissis, ¡Trip!, MGM Television Entertainment via SCI-FI Channel, Terminator Wiki, frenchman
This page inspired by Zeke. With thanks to Archer4Trip and Sandy.