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Other Nors

On one late DS9 episode we were introduced to a second, abandoned, Cardassian space station, dubbed "Empok Nor." Our own DS9 was known to Gul Jerk -- oops, Gul Dukat as Terok Nor. One can then infer that the "-ok Nor" suffix is some manner of naming system, effectively "Station One," "Station Two," etc. Of course, the mighty Cardassian Empire didn't stop at a measly two stations, so we theorize there must be others floating around, with their own contingent of Cardies and other species.

Nok-Nok Nor: Where poor Cardassian comedians are shipped to die.

Tuvok Nor: A joint Vulcan-Cardassian station, abandoned when the Empire joined the Dominion.

VentNok Nor Avenue: Where Cardassians on leave go to play Monopoly, Tongo, and Dabo.

Sunblok Nor: Orbiting a dual sun system, where the Cardies can take off those miserable uniforms and get a respectable tan. Sister station to Jok Nor, where young Cardassian males undergo physical training before entering the Cardassian Military Academy.

Roadblok Nor: A mobile station, towed around the quadrant to prevent the unwary from plowing into planets undergoing terraforming or forced occupation.

Lok Nor: A legendary Cardassian prison station for people doing real-time life sentences, isolated on the farthest edge of the Empire.

Atomic Clok Nor: Actually a buoy rather than a station, it keeps Official Cardassian Empire Time and can be accessed through a brief toll-free subspace link to make sure one's station isn't running slow.

Dok Nor: The first space station of the Empire, which attempted to link up with a shuttle but was irreparably damaged when the shuttle overshot the ring and sheared off some solar panels.

Hok Nor: Run by a pair of enterprising Ferengi jointly with Pakleds. Quickest place in the quadrant to unload your merchandise for fast cash, less a respectable commission, of course. Sister station to PickPok Nor, where those who are unwilling to part with their goods may be discreetly assisted.

Stok Nor: Also run by Ferengi, this is the Imperial equities exchange. Construction futures are way up.

Mok Nor: A bar on Deep Space Five, opened in celebration of the Bajorans' freedom soon after the Cardassians left Bajor. Serving as bar or wait staff can be an alternative to a sentence on Nok-Nok Nor, for those who still have some pull with the Empire.

Rok Nor: A floating entertainment station, familiarly known as "Headbanger's Ball."

Wok Nor: The first Chinese restaurant on Cardassia Prime. The live taspar egg drop soup is still a big hit among Cardassian outposts. Opened by the same officer who runs Ray Krok Nor, the immensely popular fast food restaurant chain ubiquitous throughout the Empire.

NunChok Nor: A marital arts training station.

Pok Nor: A medical research center focusing on trying to dosomething about the Cardies' terrible skin problems.

Frok Nor: A semi-secret sweat shop, where Cardassian military uniforms are made.

Grok Nor: Ya gotta love it.