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Strange New World

Does taking a group photo like a tourist count as "embarrassing"?

Archer sets down on a pretty little planet for some exploration, and to give Porthos a chance to uncross his legs. T'Pol, Ensign Redshirt, and Crewperson Cutler are spending the night planetside, and Trip and Travis want to play too.

Around the evening campfire, Travis tells a few dumb space ghost stories which don't frighten or impress anyone (since no one besides Travis is under 13). Strong winds start to kick up. Everyone decides it's time for bed, and takes shelter in the flimsy tents they brought down. A large gold CGI scorpion, which isn't any fonder of the wind than the away team, tries to hide in Trip's sleeping bag, scaring the bejeebers out of him (although it doesn't actually sting him).

The wind is fierce enough to send everyone out of the tents and into a handy cave. One by one the humans all start to get jittery, seeing people who mysteriously vanish into the walls and hearing muffled voices. T'Pol denies seeing or hearing anything. She does, however, forget her English and start talking in Vulcan. Trip becomes increasingly frightened and angry. He holds a weapon on her and accuses her of collaborating with the peekaboo "rock people," threatening to phaser her in half if she doesn't 'fess up and tell everyone what's going on in Standard.

Proving that you don't have to be on Omicron Ceti III to get spored, Phlox figures out that pollen from local flora is causing paranoid hallucinations. Archer tries to talk Trip down from the bell tower, but the engineer keeps screaming that T'Pol's tricorder display is flashing "KILL 'EM, KILL 'EM ALL" and he's not going to let his crew or Enterprise end up in the Vulcans' saucepan.

Archer eventually gets tired of the X-Files rerun and makes up a story just believable enough to trick Trip into lowering his weapon. T'Pol stuns him before inoculating everyone with the pollen antidote.

When dawn breaks, Trip swallows warm crow along with the cold pizza and acknowledges that he was being a jerk, although he never quite actually apologizes for his ranting.