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Shockwave, Part II
18 Sep 02
Completely embarrasses himself in front of Starfleet brass, the Vulcan diplomatic contingent, and the entire bridge crew by losing his temper (and stepping out of line) and screaming at the Vulcan ambassador. T'Pol and Malcolm both get "TripHammered Get Well Cards" and Purple Hearts for injuries suffered in the line of duty. Any more of this and I'll have to launch "MalTreatment" and "T'Pole-axed."
Carbon Creek

25 Sep 02

No damage, unless you count a twice-pulled leg.

2 Oct 02 Trip gets artfully greasy and mussed, but no blood. Spends most of the episode very worried -- about Mal, Cap'n, and Enterprise.
Dead Stop

9 Oct 02 Drops the tidbit that he never got around to fixing the paint scrape from "Broken Bow." Chows down on catfish. Gets chewed out for snooping. Chews the ear off an alien computer. Why I am so hungry alluva sudden?
A Night in Sickbay

16 Oct 02

No damage. He didn't have to watch the dumb dream sequence and the painfully forced Freudian slips like the rest of us. On the other hand, he missed the Great Pyrithian Bat Hunt.

30 Oct 02

Mostly dirt. Although the Recycled Rambo/Olivia Newton-John camo gear is pretty embarrassing. Gets artfully mussed again along with Archer, T'Pol, and Mal.
The Seventh

6 Nov 02

Finds he has some difficulty fitting into that fourth pip for a day. Can't finish his specially-ordered farfalle pesto because he keeps getting interrupted. Worries briefly about Archer and T'Pol's safety, but winds up being more concerned about giving the crew the Titian Two-Step.
The Communicator

13 Nov 02

Let's give Trip a hand, since he seems to have misplaced his. Archer brushes him off another away mission and then gives him acida when Archer and Mal are taken prisoner. Gets blown across the shuttle bay by an explosion in the cell ship.

20 Nov 02

Everyone takes a beating! Mal and Trip share a little fisticuffs with Archer on the bridge, Archer whaps them both upside the head, Trav nearly gets dissected, and the crew gets microwaved by OCD Particles™.
Vanishing Point

27 Nov 02

Smudged by ancient dust. Kidnapped and returned (off-screen), angst, remorse, and survivor's guilt, but we could probably write this entire thing off as an underdone bit of transported potato.
Precious Cargo

11 Dec 02

Gets struck with a number of blunt objects, including a crowbar, a swamp, some alien jerk's fist, a rock, and Chickie-boo's acting. He shoulda used one on Chickie-boo. (Photo-intensive.)
The Catwalk

18 Dec 02

Annoyed and kept awake by the alien visitors who shush him. Gets half a deadly radiation dose. Endures the brunt of Mal's PMS. Has to share close quarters with 82 other Enterprise crewmembers and three aliens plus Porthos and assorted medical critters who haven't bathed in a week (but that's everyone). Slightly broiled catfish before T'Pol and Mal can turn off the warp engines.

8 Jan 03

The "Enemy Trip's" is definitely the desert. Gets beaten up several times, phasered, hog-tied, and broiled; gags on alien grog; and (the unkindest cut of all) has to go without coffee. Someone get that boy an iced cappuccino, stat! (Photo-intensive -- almost three dozen screencaps.)

5 Feb 03

The only thing creepier than Phlox's tongue and toenails? Thinking about Mrs. Phlox's tongue and toenails.She paws, fondles, and drools over Trip, who runs away with as much Southern graciousness as he can manage.
Cease Fire

12 Feb 03

No damage. In fact, Trip was such a damn good commanding officer, maybe they should promote Archer to diplomat and leave Trip in charge of Enterprise.
Future Tense

19 Feb 03

Knocked out cold by a Suliban. He and Mal find that Chef's Bean Burrito Surprise isn't the only thing repeating on them.

26 Feb 03

Beaten up during a false arrest (offscreen... coulda been searched too). Shock therapy handcuffs. A guest demon from Buffy talks him into tears of boredom, and then makes him feel guilty about getting annoyed. Phasered. Firefight over his head (no need for a hair cut this week -- "yeah, just singe a little off the back, Mott"). And the embarrassing pleather outfit is certainly worth a point.
The Crossing

2 Apr 03

Trip (and about a third of the crew) succumb to the will-to-power-o'-the-wissssps. Trip goes trippin' three or four times, while his body gets punched, broadsided, and gassed. Brief upper bluesies. Trinneer actually took damage in this one.

9 Apr 03

No damage. No screen time. What is it with Trip and Klingons?

16 Apr 03

No damage. Although if he'd kept needling T'Pol about the stupid movie, she might have turned around and clocked him one.
The Breach

23 Apr 03

Severe rock rash from sliding down the mountain. Dangles perilously. Lots of dirt, sweat, bruises, and muscle strain. Completely ticked off by the Denobulan geologists. Local rude government takes a few potshots at Shuttlepod One by way of farewell.

30 Apr 03

Trip opens Pandora's box and gives fire to Prometheus, who then burns up like Icarus, to Trip's guilt and horror. Gets scolded by T'Pol and seriously chewed out twice by Archer.

7 May 03

No damage. Sparks flying around hardly count. Neither does worrying about his wee half-assimilated bairns, since we knew the Minimatrix was toast anyway.
First Flight

14 May 03 No damage. Scoldings from brass are a dime a dozen. The security goons barely touch him.

14 May 03 Clean phaser shot to the torso before the credits roll, which he ouches over later on. Scruffy and dirty in the teaser -- apparently he fell while hiking before the episode started.
The Expanse

21 May 03

Trip's baby sister is one of seven million dead. Grief and rage and survivor's guilt. Gets showered with sparks from exploding bridge consoles.
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