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Nicks and Scratches (Season Three)

Single photos from episodes which didn't have enough damage (or plot) to warrant a full page, and other miscellany.

The Xindi: Up to his neck in alien poo. Nightmare of his sister dying. Gets smacked around and shot at by slaving miners. Nearly gets plasma shafted. Has to shower repeatedly and stil doesn't get the Trellium-D out of his hair or out from under his fingernails. T'Pol pokes him to make him sit up straight, dangit. At least Trinneer gets to show off how hard he's been working out all summer. Yum!

Aw, crap.

Mud leeches?!

Anomaly: Gets a burn on his hand from playing with a widget which wasn't entirely drained. Still can't sleep more than an hour or two a night. Squicked by the Aldebaran mud leeches.

Rajiin: Faster Pussycat whacks him with a Vulcan tchotchke, but doesn't knock him out or grope his brain. A little smoke inhalation from the lab explosion which he nearly forgot to run away from. Squicked by the sneezing chemist.

Bang Your Head

In space, nobody can hear you get squooshed.

Impulse: A lot of aggregate frustration and disappointment, plus the "I need new tighty-bluesies" moment when it looks like the asteroid is about to make trellium treacle out of Trip and Travis. T'Pol zings him in her nightmare. I know it's not a great photo, but they didn't show the boys' heads silhouetted against the asteroid.

Twilight: Well, um, Trip dies, which is the ultimate damage, but then Archer hits the Mighty Temporal Reset Button™ and he doesn't, so...half a five? See, this is the problem with making the Bridge into a hood ornament: it's really easy to break off.

Never make a hood ornament out of the Bridge


Similitude, Trip: Trip gets FOOMed by one of his own warp field experiments and nearly dies. He spends most of the episode in a coma, however, and the only hint we get of any emotional consequence is his stricken look at Sim's funeral.

Te morituri salutaum

Similitude, Sim: Trip's de facto clone, grown from an oversized Lysarian mozzarella (see? Even Trip's copy is all about the food), is alternately treated like man or meat by various crew members. Even when Trip's close friend and Sim's own "father" declare in the end that he's no more than a bag of parts, Sim ultimately chooses to sacrifice himself and does die to save our favorite engineer.

Harbinger: Melting Molecules Alien caroms into him and knocks him out in Engineering. (Not that fisticuffs will do much good against an alien who can dematerialize selectively at will, but he makes the effort.) Takes a few wallops while sparring.

Put up your dukes!

PLEASE tell me T'Pol ain't drivin' again

Azati Prime: Lots of acida over the captain. Toasted by sparks and flames in Engineering, plus his wee bairns got a kick in the right family jewel. And he comes so close to getting command of the ship again, but then the dopey Vulcan's gotta run back to the Bridge, dangit.

Damage: Well, some, anyway. Lots of soot and scratches and bruises from last episode. Zaps his hand on an alien force-field.


Oh, how sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!

E2: Stunned unconscious by his A/U son. I should have borrowed the phaser for a good third of this episode.

The Council: Has a pulled muscle from overwork. Struggles with working alongside the architect of the Death Stars, although eventually he comes around to a degree. It might have packed a little more punch if the writing hadn't been so rushed.

Must -- restrain -- Fist -- of Death

This is your skin. This is your skin on blorps.

Zero Hour: Along with the rest of the crew less Phlox, suffers from the heartbreak of hyperpsoriasis. Thinks Cap'n was FOOMed along with the Death Star.

Real Life Comics: Greg Dean writes and draws a web comic loosely (very loosely) based on his own life. Slightly bizarre, sometimes meta-referential, mostly funny, and with an emphasis on gaming, but anyone who uses their work to celebrate "Enterprise" and compliments Trip earns points in my book. Plus if you wander through the archives, he thinks Star Trek and Macs are incredibly cool. Click on the image for a full-sized version.

Real Life Comics