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Season Three






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The Xindi

10 Sep 03

Up to his neck in alien poo. Nightmare of his sister dying. Gets smacked around and shot at by slaving miners. Nearly gets plasma shafted. Has to shower repeatedly and stil doesn't get the Trellium-D out of his hair or out from under his fingernails. T'Pol pokes him to make him sit up straight, dangit.


17 Sep 03

Gets a burn on his hand from playing with a widget which wasn't entirely drained. Still can't sleep more than an hour or two a night. Squicked by the Aldebaran mud leeches.


24 Sep 03

No damage. He didn't have to watch Captain Caveman and the Prehistoric Philharmonic chewing the matte paintings. He does get smacked around but the EV suit absorbs the blows.


01 Oct 03

Faster Pussycat whacks him with a Vulcan tchotchke, but doesn't knock him out or grope his brain. A little smoke inhalation from the lab explosion which he nearly forgot to run away from. Squicked by the sneezing chemist.


08 Oct 03

A lot of aggregate frustration and disappointment, plus the "I need new tighty-bluesies" moment when it looks like the asteroid is about to make trellium treacle out of Trip and Travis.


15 Oct 03

No damage. Startled by a popping relay and nearly wiped by Invulnerable Shuttlepod One trying to land itself, but no actual hits.

The Shipment

29 Oct 03

No damage. The Xindi Boomstick didn't FOOM nearly enough to warrant all that running and panicking.


5 Nov 03

Well, um, Trip dies, which is the ultimate damage, but then Archer hits the Mighty Temporal Reset Button™ and he doesn't, so...half a five?

North Star

12 Nov 03

No damage, ma'am. Trip looked adorable moseying and posing in the cowboy outfit.


19 Nov 03

Trip gets FOOMed by one of his own warp field experiments and nearly dies. Sim ultimately sacrifices himself and does die to save our favorite engineer. He gets his own damage rank.

Carpenter Street

26 Nov 03

No damage. For Trip, the episode was only as long as it took him to walk a few steps down the hall, lucky sonofabitch.

Chosen Realm

14 Jan 04

No damage. It would be blasphemy to harm the sacred Assets.

Proving Ground

21 Jan 04

No damage. We didn't even see Trip get singed as the Mean Green Blorp Machine roared through Engineering.


04 Feb 04

No damage. The faked fake sparks looked pretty real, though.


11 Feb 04

Melting Molecules Alien caroms into him and knocks him out in Engineering. Takes a few wallops while sparring.

Doctor's Orders

18 Feb 04

No damage. Slept the whole episode and woke up a little woozy from not eating.


25 Feb 04

No damage. He didn't even get sent to his room.

Azati Prime

03 Mar 04

Lots of acida over the captain. Toasted by sparks and flames in Engineering, plus his wee bairns got a kick in the right family jewel.


21 Apr 04

Well, some, anyway. Lots of soot and scratches and bruises from last episode. Zaps his hand on an alien force-field.

The Forgotten

28 Apr 04

Goes two days without sleep and then has a nightmare, gets dissed by Phlox, has to confront Degra without killing him, has to write a painful condolence letter, and finally has to face his sister's death.


05 May 04

Stunned unconscious by his A/U son.

The Council

12 May 04

Has a pulled muscle from overwork. Struggles with working alongside the architect of the Death Stars, although eventually he comes around to a degree.


19 May 04

No damage, just work stress and worry over Hoshi.

Zero Hour

26 May 04

Along with the rest of the crew less Phlox, suffers from the heartbreak of hyperpsoriasis. Thinks Cap'n was FOOMed along with the Death Star.

Nicks and Scratches


Single photos from episodes which didn't have enough damage (or plot) to warrant a full page, and other miscellany.

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