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Dents and Dings (Season Four)

Single photos from episodes which didn't have enough damage (or plot) to warrant a full page, and other miscellany.

Storm Front: Stunned by Silik. Captured by Nazis (so you know he was manhandled on the way to the Head Nazi's office). The pleather jacket from "Canamar" makes a comeback!



Storm Front Part 2: Beaten up and interrogated by Nazis (offscreen). Attacked, knocked out, and hogtied by Silik. Shot at by Nazis with the marksmanship of Cylons. Silik makes the mistake of assuming Trip's image, and gets clobbered, stunned, locked up, and shot to death.

Home: Dissed by T'Les. T'Pol relieves him of the drug-fueled delusion that she had any actual interest in him beyond sexual lab rat.


Do you *mind*?

The Forge: Worries over Cap'n down in the desert. Soval gives him the mother of all glares for hovering.

Awakening: Dang Vulcan hangs up on him again. Ship gets smacked around by ringships. Worried about Cap'n.

That SOB hung up on me again.

Steamed assets

Kir'Shara: More Vulcan ringship Fu. Executes the Tucker Maneuver and sticks the ship right between the blue and the gray --er, the green. Worries about whether he's right to intervene between the Andorians and Vulcans. I think he forgot about Cap'n, or at least he's not concerned enough to mention him.

Daedalus: Erickson casually disses and dismisses him several times, on his own ship over his own engines, no less. Cap'n smacks him down for questioning orders.

Battle of the Glares


Babel One: Enterprise has to abandon the Disaster Twins on the Romulan drone ship, which the Roms then set to "frappé." Trip halves his oxygen to share it with Mal.

United: Seriously microwaved, a bit more ship frappé, caught in the backwash of Malcolm's pistol-bomb, slams into a waist-high pipe, and then has to leap out into space with Malcolm, sans pod or tether.

It's not that easy being green

Hangin' by a Thread

Divergence: Crawls along a grappler line between two starships which both happen to be doing Warp 5. He and Malcolm are nearly pancaked by a chunk of falling hardware (vivez les Disaster Twins!). A little toasted during the cold start in Engineering. (And you thought that was Scotty's idea!)

Bound: Gets into a little fisticuffs with Kelby (which leaves a good bruise on his jaw). Has to break up fisticuffs among his staff a few times. He's remarkably tolerant of the telepathic shackles that T'Pol reveals she's slapped on him. Moogie thought he deserved an extra half, because it's not easy not getting green.

I just waxed that floor!

The Agony of Decancellation

In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1: Mirror Trip has melty-face scars and lots of delta rays soaked up before we even meet him. Mirror T'Pol dupes him, brainwashes him twice, and arranges for him to get zapped by an overloaded EPS feed. Mirror Mal works him over for four hours in the ProtoAgony Booth. On the plus side, he winds up not getting FOOMed when the ISS Enterprise is destroyed by the Tholians.

In a Mirror, Darkly Part 2: Mirror Trip has brief fisticuffs with Mirror Phlox. (Scores getbacks for our Trip by taking him out, avenging the assault from "The Crossing.") Looks slightly doofy in Scotty's uniform.

POW, right in the kisser

Take your stinkin' hands off me, you damn dirty ape!

Demons: Roughed up a bit by RoboBigot's goons. Really irritated that he's got a Vulcan snooping in his head all the time. Grumbles that Enterprise's crew was ignored by Mayor Minister in his UESPA speech. Gets plenty filthy in the Lunar mines. Hey, this stuff adds up.

Terra Prime: Punched by a goon, roughed up by several more goons (offscreen), stunned, and a broken arm severe enough to warrant a sling several days afterward. His daughter dies, and however she was conceived, that's a body blow.

ow ow ow my kidneys

Bloody holodeck program!

These Are the Voyages...: Okay, yes, he dies, but it's a holodeck program. We know that never counts. And there's no way Trip would have died so senselessly and unnecessarily for real. The whole episode felt surreal, frankly.

Real Life Comics: Greg Dean's take on ENT's cancellation. (Click for a larger version.)

Real Life Comics


Sheldon: And Dave Kellett's.

Sev Trek

Sev Trek: And John Cook's. Ouch.

Hey, baby, what's your sign?

Triphammer Road, Ithaca, NY: Which crosses Triphammer Terrace, and I understand there's a Triphammer Mall as well. Thanks for the photo, Ligiea!

Photos: Ligiea