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Ancient History

Archive of previous updates on the site, July 4-September 24, 2004

July 4, 2004: Happy Birthday TripHammered! My little site turns two today! It has been a pleasure and an honor to entertain you, and I hope to continue doing so in the year to come.

As you saw from the splash screen, I've made a few changes -- mostly in grouping content differently. Here's the rundown:

Home: Brings you to what used to be the "front" page, where all the fresh commentary and rambling will continue to be. If you need to get to the splash screen for some reason, just back up the URL.

Recaps: Where Seasons 1 through 4 now live. I couldn't keep squeezing more "Season" buttons up top.

Extras, Links, History, and Email haven't changed.

Site Map: I gave this a promotion, so it wouldn't get buried in the sand to the left. Redesigned as well, since Moogie was getting blinded by the mouse-overing photos.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know what you think. And have a safe and happy Fourth of July! (to my readers outside the States too!)

Mal's finer assets

"Chosen Realm" director Roxann Dawson really enjoys showcasing the finer assets of the actors during fights, this one with Malcolm and an Exploding Zealot. I'd like some strawberry jam and fresh cream on my English Muffin, please.

July 7, 2004: Thanks to everyone who's sent kind words; I'm glad you like the updated look.

More ENT Libs this week, with three non-Starfleet semi-regulars: Shran, Soval, and Degra. We also have the title of the Season 4 opener, "Storm Front," so I've added that under the S4 Recaps page.

July 14, 2004: A fresh Get Me Rewrite for this week's Extra. Plenty of opportunity for Archer-Malcolm sniping. :) I'm almost finished my next DVD commentary, and since rumor has it that filming for Season 4 starts tomorrow, I'll have a Season 4 wish list to share next week.

Zap2It, among others, reports that ENT will move to Fridays at 8pm on August 6, which will be the permanent timeslot (rather than 9pm *whew*).

Hey, did anybody think Degra's ENT Lib was funny?

July 16, 2004: I suppose it's appropriate that a photo from a boring episode ("The Shipment") doesn't generate a lot of captions... :)

July 19, 2004: Wednesday's repeats are "Proving Ground" and "Stratagem," and make sure you enjoy them because it looks like there's no ENT airing at all the week of the 28th.

July 21, 2004: Now that Season 4 filming is getting underway, it's time for all the armchair writers, couch potato pundits, BBS quarterbacks, and other Internet blowhards to propose what we would do if we were king. Herewith is my own wishlist/set of suggestions/manifesto, Season 4: Go Big, Go Bold, Go For Broke. In a related story, The Futon Critic reports that "Storm Front," the season premiere, will air October 8.

So I'm used to plain ol' spam, identity theft spam (aka "phishing"), My Dictionary Threw Up spam (two hundred random words which no spam filter could predict), and lately Literary spam (in which the spammer grabs random chunks of real books or stories and pastes them into the body of the email to make it look like actual conversation; L. Frank Baum's The Master Key comes up a lot, for some reason). Now I get Spam With Jokes. The latest offer for...something, I didn't bother to look...had four jokes in the body of it, interspersed with the Dictionary Vomit and spam links! And they were kinda funny jokes! The Literary Spam was sort of enlightening, making you track down the source and possibly encouraging you to read the original. This is just amusing.

Trip stunned

Did you say two more months of repeats? Are you outta your mind?

July 24, 2004: I should mention that I neither read nor post spoilers, so any predictions or suggestions I make are either my opinion, my guess, or an outright joke. If you're a fellow proud member of the No-Spoiler Club, you may roam here with abandon.

Having said that, I've updated the Season 4 page with new episode titles. And from the UPN TCA Tour Party, we have a new shot for Those SHIRTS! which isn't quite so glaring as the rest.

July 28, 2004: After three months, I've finally finished the next DVD commentary, for "Dead Stop." With luck the next one won't take quite so long to put together. Guten tag to my German fanbase! *waves*

Isn't it nice when the actors agree with the fans? Non-spoiler third- and fourth-season commentary from Jolene Blalock about T'Pol, from (I'd link the article but there are spoilers in it.) Quoted in full without cuts.

Though she [Blalock] admitted the third season was difficult for her, she had some very positive things to say about the fourth. "I can tell you right now, this season's going to be our best. And I can tell you why, because Manny Coto has been given some freedom and some liberty to push forth a vision." She had just read the second script of the season, and said, "It was a pleasure to see the story unfold. I was interested, and the characters were rich -- you could see the characters on the page."

She hopes to have the opportunity to resolve some of the emotional loose ends for her character. "I had a hard time last year. I had a real hard time with the trellium-D addiction, I had a real hard time with the sex, I had a hard time with the emotions -- I couldn't justify it as an actor. Why do I find these emotions so thrilling? What's wrong with me? I just felt that she was lost. She was lost in the story arc, she was lost in resigning her commission, not having a post -- it was weird not being called 'subcommander.' I felt that she was ripped of her respect and her dignity. I just felt that she became an emotional floozy, you know? And I didn't like it."

This year she hopes to build T'Pol back up, in part by enriching the character's history, roots and beliefs.

And on another note, congratulations to Dominic Keating, who recently became engaged to his girlfriend Jilana Stewart. Dominic, Connor, Jolene last year, John and Scott already have wives -- marriage is good! Anthony's status I don't know, but Linda is dating Tom Hardy (Shinzon from Nemesis). I imagine Breezy and Windy are fixed.

Is that a phase cannon in your pocket?

Trip: Any luck?
Malcolm: None. Whatever Daniels does to travel about in time, I can't duplicate it.
Trip: Damn! Ah was really hopin' you could hack that thing. October 8 is just eons from now.

August 4, 2004: A mini-update to ease the transition from Wednesday to Friday episodes: At Moogie's excellent suggestion, I've reformatted the ENT Libs so the blanks are all on one page and you can edit them before submitting. I was surprised to find out how differently they come out just from that rearranging of input! Check it out.

August 6, 2004: A new Get Me Rewrite, featuring Malcolm. I just got my hands on a trove of very cool episode photos, so the next couple of GMRs should be lots of fun.

August 13, 2004: A good multi-character Get Me Rewrite this week. Next one will have Trip in it, I promise.

August 20, 2004: At the suggestion of a few people, I'm trying an experiment: ENT Libs episodes. We'll start with "Broken Bow," naturally, and if you folks like it, I'll keep going. Let me know what you think. (To my own amusement, I found that I kept remembering my own Buffy/ENT crossover better than the actual episode, and I had to keep checking the real summary to write it properly.)

August 27, 2004: The next two ENT Libs episodes are up, "Fight or Flight" and "Strange New World." They're getting longer, but I'm trying to keep from using too many blanks. How are Friday night reruns working out for everyone?

September 3, 2004: As promised, this "Get Me Rewrite" stars Trip. And appropriately enough, the photo is from "Future Tense," which will be next week's DVD commentary.

September 8, 2004: Happy 38th to Star Trek!

September 14, 2004: Happy second birthday to the great House of Tucker! Now featuring five subsites where fans of Trip can gather and chat and focus on their favorite engineer (plus Archer, T'Pol, Malcolm, and Chef. I mean food).

September 10, 2004: You know, it was a great story while it lasted, but watching the repeat of "Countdown," I am so glad Season 3 is over. All that running and yelling and snivelling and threatening -- it's just exhausting.

This week's Extra is the long-awaited DVD commentary for "Future Tense." I really enjoyed writing this, so let me know if you like it!

September 17, 2004: Working our way through the first season, the next two ENT Libs are "Unexpected" and "Terra Nova." Major thanks to wombat61 for the beta and unsticking.

Three more weeks to the premiere!

September 24, 2004: Okay, I had way too much fun writing captions for this Get Me Rewrite, so I expect you folks to pitch in and be even funnier. ;)

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