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Archive of previous updates on the site, January 2-June 26, 2006

January 2, 2006: Happy New Year! BSG starts up on Friday, but in the meantime, a fun list: What's On the iPods of the NX-01 Crew (and Friends)? As always, suggestions welcome and will be credited.

January 9, 2006: Commentary on " Resurrection Ship, Part 1" is up. And Connor's Close to Home is this Friday at 9pm on NBC.

January 16, 2006: It was a pleasure to see Connor get a larger role with more range, and he picked a good and interesting character to play. His Stargate: Atlantis episode is either February or March, no confirmation yet, and his character is slated to return depending on his availability.

Commentary on "Resurrection Ship, Part 2" is up.

January 23, 2006: Commentary for " Epiphanies" is up.

Hammer Time!I got a really lovely gift today: Zeke of made me a personalized avatar. In my entire life (or at least the dozen years I've been on the net) nobody's ever created a custom avatar for me. I'm really touched and flattered. Thanks, Z.

January 30, 2006: Commentary for " Black Market" is up, although it's not very long because this was a depressing episode.

February 6, 2006: Another shorter commentary for " Scar," since this was mostly about one person falling apart in slow motion.

A fresh Get Me Rewrite! with a photo from the Mirror Universe. If this is popular I'll find more MU shots.

One or two funny ads at this year's Super Bowl -- Fabio and the "little monster" H3 -- but no real standouts. Again. I ffwded the entire game, so I have no comment on the football part.

February 13, 2006: "Sacrifice" was an improvement over the last two, although not up to the level of "Resurrection Ship." Someone sent me another funny BSG link, to an intermittent cartoon called Frakking Toasters.

I'm told that Connor's SG:A episode, "Michael," is due February 24th. I'll keep my eyes open for confirmation.

February 20, 2006: "Michael" is definitely airing on the 24th. TiVo is set!

Commentary for " The Captain's Hand" is up. Either Ron Moore made an enormous mistake by having Roslin outlaw abortion, or he's planning on killing the subplot shortly. Tip of the hat to Sandy for pointing out the many problems.

I've taken down the link to the guestbook, because every time I made it writable, it would get filled with a hundred robot entries. :(

"Michael" offering to make amends

Connor Trinneer: So, whaddya say, big guy? Think I can come back for a few more guest spots?
Jason Momoa: I dunno. You're awfully handsome. The rest of us can't hardly measure up.
Trinneer: Yeah, but I get to wear a lot of latex.
Momoa: Not all the time.
Trinneer: Really ugly latex.
Momoa: And you're a better actor than the entire regular cast put together.
Trinneer: Well, I can't help that. But I promise I make everybody else I work with look good.
Momoa: Really?
Trinneer: Hey man, back on "Enterprise," I had chemistry with a chair.
Moma: Welcome aboard.

February 27, 2006: I have to say I wasn't impressed with the SG:A cast themselves, but if the character of Michael (played by Connor) returns for next season, I'll be watching -- to root for the Wraiths! ;) He was wonderful. I have so missed seeing Connor every week. He had great range, from goofy grin to growing disquiet to teary-eyed shock to bitterness to rage. Add this to "Close to Home" and his pick of ENT episodes and he's got a great résumé tape. As I hear it, the character is in the finale under heavy Wraith makeup with Connor's voice looped, and Connor is filming a guest spot in the season opener for July. Beyond that we don't know -- there are rumors that the character will return, but nothing confirmed yet. I know sci-fi is typecasting, but I'd rather see him on something I can stand to watch on a regular basis.

Commentary for the mindblowing "Downloaded" is up. This one launches more new potential plots than a week of soap operas.

March 7, 2006: Ooh, looky, content! A dear friend sent me a transcript of a question-and-answer session with some of the BSG2K actors. No spoilers.

March 13, 2006: Oh my god we have to wait until OCTOBER for the season premiere? After THAT finale?!

I did a separate commentary for " Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1" last week. Part 2 will be delayed a day or two; I hope to have it up Wednesday. Mainly because my brain is scrambled. Has there ever in the history of TV been a show that changed directions like that for the sheer fun of it?

The character of Michael had a brief appearance in the SG:A season finale, but was played by another actor, who was really markedly not Connor even under the latex. If there's official notice about any future spots by Connor on the show I'll advise.

March 20, 2006: Belated Happy Birthday to Connor! (and many mooooooooore!) Commentary for " Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" is up, finally. Probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on TV.

Connor is due to appear in the first two eps of SG:A next season (beginning of July) so far. More news when have it. Dominic Keating and Jeff Combs are in a movie together, although it's one of these indie/arthouse circuit things, so it's not like the rest of us will see it. John Billingsley I think has a recurring role on "Prison Break" now. Scott Bakula is doing theatre. So at least some of the cast is keeping busy.

March 27, 2006: Another quickie amusing list (because I'm hard at work on next week's Extra): " Things Archer Signs Without Looking." Suggestions welcome.

I'm winking at you...honestApril 4, 2006: Just in case you missed it, here's "TuckerWrenched," my 2006 April Fool's site. (I couldn't justify leaving it up for a week and a half.) If you liked it, do drop me a note.

Oh, and Zeke's finally joined the squadron in singing the praises of BSG2K. His summaries are worth a laugh, if only to discover that the reason he banned excess exclamation points on the forums is so he could use them all for this event.

April 10, 2006: Convention note: Connor was at Vulkon this past weekend and told folks he'll be doing a guest spot on NCIS, which reportedly airs in May. I'll post details when they're firm. I am thrilled beyond words that he's getting work! yay Connor!

This week's fun list: what would happen if other Trek characters were affected by the same OCD Plot Complication as ENT did in "Singularity"?

April 17, 2006: Whole buncha goodies this week. tjinloca was nice enough to give me a photo of Connor from Vulkon, with one of those SHIRTS! plus a few comments from him about his wardrobe.

Not only did he mention the NCIS guest spot, but also that he'll be doing a character for Family Guy. Our Boy is getting enough work that I'm now adding a new sidebar over on the left, "Upcoming Connor Guest Shots." He's also doing numerous conventions, but I can't keep up with those.

And finally, since we have six months of reruns yet to go, we have the BSG2K Drinking Game. Suggestions welcome and will be credited.

April 24, 2006: Nothing of substance this week, by comparison; offline duties rather swamped me. Ziggy weighed in on the franchise on Sunday (the Wilsons have done Trek-related comics before, so someone over there must be one of us). Connor'sNCIS guest spot is confirmed for Tuesday, May 2. (If you're not familiar with the show, Sandy strongly recommends that you at least read the brief show synopsis.) I'll have "Other Nors" next week.

May 1, 2006: Just a short list this week: On one late DS9 episode we were introduced to a second, abandoned, Cardassian space station, dubbed "Empok Nor." Our own DS9 was known to the Cardassians as Terok Nor. One can then infer that the "-ok Nor" suffix is some manner of naming system, effectively "Station One," "Station Two," etc. Of course, the mighty Cardassian Empire didn't stop at a measly two stations, so we theorize there must be others floating around, with their own contingent of Cardies and other species. Those are the " Other Nors."

Connor's NCIS episode is on tomorrow night. The SG:A opener is a two-parter, July 14 and 21 (at 10pm), and he'll be in both; other appearances are still rumors right now.

May 8, 2006: While scouring the 'net for photos for an upcoming new feature, I happened by the official site's slide show for Connor, and found another great new photo for " Those SHIRTS!" ("Great" being a relative term, of course.)

I insist on having my Trip and Malcolm tooDominic Keating gave his site a moderate makeover -- still the same color theme (honey, the blue headlines are impossible to read), but new photos and a cleaner look, plus a splash page which actually has a useful menu on it. Looks like the beard from "Twilight" is here to stay.

And a new Get Me Rewrite! starring Tom Zarek and Laura Roslin. Cross-series jokes welcome.

May 15, 2006: Speaking of BSG, I thought this Galactisimpsons piece was pretty funny.

So it's been just over a year since ENT wrapped up its run *snif*. This time last year, Zeke of ran a Cancellation Spectacular, with six different "This Just In" articles on the show's demise. One of them was "Webmasters Seek New Niches to Niche," where he explained TripHammered's dilemma -- and the (joking) solution.

"...another popular Enterprise site is TripHammered, which focuses on the various travails of chief engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III. This task will clearly become more difficult with no more travails to focus on.

Webmaster Evangelina "evay" Rimsky-Korsakov thus intends to change the site's focus slightly. "Trip can't be hammered anymore, but there's someone else out there who can be," explained Ms. evay. "Starting now, we're TrinneerHammered. Connor loves to do conventions and public appearances, so he'll be easy to find, especially in those shirts he wears. I've got a Hammer of Crushing on backorder, and several readers have volunteered to take the pictures. Yep, I think TH has a bright future ahead of it. After all, what better way to ease the pain of losing Enterprise than to share it with someone else?"

At the time, I was very flattered, and thought it was hilarious. A year later, I'm still trying to come up with new content every week or two (you try giving up a website after three years of updating once or twice a week). And I thought, since Connor is so helpfully staying employed with guest shots on various shows, why not take Zeke up on his gag?

Herewith I present TrinneerHammered, a series of photos-with-blurbs detailing the trials and tribulations of Connor's roles before and after Trek. I'll continue to update as he gets more work, which (happily for us) he seems inclined to keep doing. Not everything has a photo because some things I haven't been able to find screencaps for. If you have something you'd like to contribute, let me know and I'll gladly credit you. Kisses to Zeke for (unwittingly) giving me more fodder for my site.

May 22, 2006: A cute ENT 'toon from Tye, of The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi.

May 29, 2006: So someone asked producer David Goodman, who used to be on ENT and is now working on Family Guy, about Connor's upcoming appearance(s), and he very kindly responded:

Connor did come in and do a couple of voices for us, in the episode "Road To Rupert." It hasn't aired yet, the animation process takes a long time, so it won't be finished until early next year, probably be on the air in January or February. We ended up not doing the Western show Seth mentioned to Connor, but we will definitely have him back as he did his usual outstanding job.

If Connor does the voice of Rupert the teddy bear, I will fall off my chair laughing.

Hildwyn of Rohan, one of my loyal Rewrite Doctors, suggested a great idea for a list: All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Trip Tucker. Suggestions welcome.

June 5, 2006: More entries added to All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Trip Tucker. Plus we saw X-Men 3 over the weekend, so I have a few thoughts on that as well.

And a new link, to Connor's Quotes, a straightforward but amusing collection of pithy tidbits from our favorite actor.

Oh, and TripHammered has reached one hundred thousand hits. :) I know it hardly stacks up against Zeke's 660K+ or any of the gigunda sites, but it's my work people keep coming back for, even with ENT off the air for a year, and that means a lot to me. So thank you.

Elementary, my dear Connor

Knowing that FOX's snappy medical drama House is based on Sherlock Holmes, Connor freshens his résumé photo in an effort to win the part of Dr. Wilson's heretofore-unseen brother.

Photo: WBNX-TV (Cleveland, OH) via Hoshissis

June 12, 2006: According to the IMDb, Connor will only be in the two-part season opener for SG:A -- he's not listed for the remainder of the episodes of the season. :(

Thanks to Sandy's generosity, I can now present a full recap of Connor's appearance in FreakyLinks. For something of a hack show, the part was surprisingly meaty, and Connor did a marvelous job with it. I wonder if he thinks back on it now that he actually is married with a child. Far East is in the works.

June 19, 2006: For those of you who enjoy fun with your science, not to mention with your junk food, we have the the Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments. The main video is about three minutes -- stay for the whole thing.

ooh, and a new entry for the ENT Drinking Game! Suggestions always welcome (and for the BSG Drinking Game too).

June 26, 2006: Once again thanks to Sandy, we now have what might be the most detailed recap of Connor's performance in Far East on the Net. His plot is fairly interesting, but the rest of the story is so removed from it that it might as well have been excised from another play altogether and jammed in here to leaven the tedium of the main characters trying to poke one another's eyes out with canapé forks.

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